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Sweetlittleoldgranny Visits The Druids......

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Yesterday, to celebrate the solstice, sweetlittleoldgranny took one of her 'trips'......this time she went to Stonehenge, where she helped the Druids welcome the arrival of summer.......
Granny staged a quick fly-by, to the astonishment of the assembled crowd.......before she was arrested and charged with 'breaching the peace'.......when tested for alcohol consumption, she was found to be over the limit, and was therefore also charged with drunken driving.......
There were also a couple more little she had not passed through customs, she was charged with entering the country the charge of assaulting the photographer from the National Geographic - he had sworn at her for spoiling his shot of the rising sun, and granny reacted by throwing a punch at him......which resulted in a broken nose (his)........
In a statement to the press, granny said that she would definitely be returning next year............
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better be good, Dogdaze roams around the grounds at night to make sure any sleepwalkers don't wander off, so they tell me. He does keep putting in a request for you to have a bit of R&R there


NO! NOT THE D.O.L.L.S. . . . . .! ! ! ! !

I'll shut up! I was just about to anyway! NOT THE D.O.L.L.S.!

(((See? Lip all zipped.)))


Ah, I see!........Off to the D.O.L.L.S.!...........


Our scientist is in terrible need for some professional care, Lela!


Hanne, I am confused as to what you are talking about!.......Something must be done about what?.......And, Dr.Adonis 1,2 or 3? has confused me even more!........Am I missing something?........


Dr. Adonis 1,2 or 3???


Something MUST be done!!


Ah! The issue of weight! Here again we are involved with the intricate, labyrinthine convolutions of the theory of so-called "gravity." A serious subject. Not to be taken lightly.

Had Shakespeare simply allowed himself some pleasant diversion in his life, some form of recreation (he could have written plays, for instance) we would not have all this heavy science to contend with. But alas, he felt burdened by a load which bore him down and rather than Shrug like Atlas he let the avoirdupois squeeze him until this gravity business oozed out. Distress, agitation, oh pother, no good has come of it since he invented it.

Except getting us to the MOON, of course!

"All the people some of the time...." I like it! We could build on such a concept, be more inclusive, open more doors. Yes. For a while, anyway........

Toodle-pip yourself, handsome (hee-hee)!


Hanne-with-pipe.......I have no further suggestions at the moment, fast or slow.......
Mr.david-alarmed-numbers.......thank you for expressing your concern regarding these weighty matters.........


I was at first alarmed, initially, to see that so many comments were waiting to be perused on this puzzle. Then, consequently, I was completely lost in the wanderings of our compeer PSquiddy. Since he is such a fanatic of the moon, we know him to be a lunatic. His lack of empathy for sweet SLOG even through the misery of her encounter with the cromlech (to use the vernacular) is simply appalling. I do agree with him about those exceptions to the natural-born citizen rule, as I have always been worried by those interlopers Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams Jun., Jackson and Harrison. One can only bend so many rules after all. All the people some of the time...etc. etc.

I am glad things worked out well for Granny, she deserves a rest now so she will be ready for fresh adventures another day.


Do you have any suggestions, Lela..... fast please!!!


Wonderful!!! Absolutely wonderful theories patsquire!! I do admire your thinking really!!


Jolly nice garden....though the wall could do with some repair......
Toodle-pip, Mr.Squish!......


WELL!...............I am shocked!.......


quite a wide range of artillery there then


Thank you to the Connoisseur of Cultural Knowledge and Bugosi Applied Learning and Living Studies.


If you say so, boss man.


Of course, all the really TRUE AND USEFUL stuff you learned from the Bugosi Applied Learning and Living Studies (B.A.L.L.S.).....RIGHT HERE!........


Only at West Point, Juneeee: pistol shooting and anti-tank rocketry.

Stackerdog, everything I know I learned on the internet.


I do hope you weren't a teacher Mr Quire


Man on a trike----What history books have you been reading to come up with these shall we say rather unusual theories?


Hanne, please understand the realities of so-called "science." You have to realize that ever since Shakespeare discovered "gravity" with that crazy story of the apple falling on his head, certain charlatans, quacks, fakers and con men have taken to "the sciences" as their natural area of interest. They make up most of this stuff, and they are so widespread nowadays (after all, Shakespeare live 100 years ago) that they interconnect with interlocking "support theories" most of which are pure baloney!

So for instance, they say they "know" the temperature of the sun, and then they tell us some fantastic number, and then their explanation is so convoluted and confusing that we just say "OK."

It's the same with the speed of light (they say it's always the same) and the speed of sound (they say it varies all over the place). Well, they can't have it both ways! And lots of other stuff, too.

They say the sun is the most important object in the sky, completely ignoring the moon. But on a dark night the moon is the only thing giving us any light to see by, whereas in broad daylight, who needs the sun? See?

They also have long, confusing explanations about why the days are longer in summer and shorter in winter. But everybody knows that heat makes things expand and cold makes things contract, so of course warm summer days are longer and cold winter days are shorter.

It's all pretty simple if you just stick to the basics. And listen to me.


We can still send him anyway, Hanne-with-pipe-somewhere!...........


Isn't the temperature of the sun well known really?????


Hmmmmm, President Julie Andrews. I like it! . . . . . . . . . . Oh rats! She's not a natural-born American. She was born in England. The Constitution of the United States clearly specifies that to be President you MUST be a natural-born citizen, not foreign-born and naturalized. Of course, we now have a "President" who is neither born in the USA nor even naturalized. So there must be an exception somewhere I haven't looked.

If I went back in time, the only thing I'd do would be to make a few investments (well, steal some money first) that would in the fullness of time result in me being a billionaire these days. A real billionaire, not a European billionaire which actually means millionaire, and especially not an Italian billionaire, which means standing in bread lines and going to soup kitchens for a little supper.

Then I'd be GLAD to be Julie Andrews' 'special' assistant! Oh yeah! Woo-hoo! YES!


Plumpy........Your idea certainly sounds good, in theory......however, in reality, I fear that Monsieur-Le-Skewed will go back in time and attempt to alter the course of history.......with possibly (probably) DIRE CONSEQUENCES FOR MANKIND!........In the U.S.of A. past Presidents will be assassinated (the one's that weren't already assassinated)........The White House will be relocated to Alabama, with Julie Andrews as the first female President.........and Mr.Le-Squirt as her 'special' assistant.......All this and more, would await your country.......oh, the horror.....THE UNSPEAKABLE HORROR!.....


Thank you, plummy, thank you. I take it in the spirit in which it was meant, er, or not..........


I recommend that we give P-Skewed a thermometer and a plane so he can fly off to verify the temperature of the sun. When he gets back, we should then give him a ticket on a one-way time machine so that he can study photography, planes, trilithons, and other ancient mysteries at their very source. He can use the half-brain he claims to have.


For once in your life you're right, lelabug, it was motion pictures Abraham Lincoln invented, so he could make his documentary movie about hunting vampires. I sit corrected.

And Heidi-of-the-watches-limpid, your somnabulatory opinions are on a par with . . . . . a par with . . . . . . . . . . . a.....par.........zzzzzzzzzzzz.


thousands-of-cakes.......she also managed to dislodge the lintel, when she crashed into it........


For shame SLOG!!! Drink all you want but not when ''driving''!! And don't have witnesses if you must punch someone in the nose!!! Thanks Lela!! :))))
(time, 2:04)


Hanne....granny tells me that you should join her next time......
Squirt-Le......Abraham Lincoln invented moving pictures.......thus the recently discovered movie which recently came out recently not long ago.........


And what's this about trilithons? Trilithons are races where people run, swim and ride bikes! I should know, as I ride a bike myself (a cute, pink little fairy-bike which I got from SOMEBODY'S yard when she wasn't looking).


Yes she does, Hanne. SLOGranny has more adventures-per-square-minute than anybody else I've ever heard of, including Doc Savage, James Bond and Conan the Barbarian!

Now wait a minute, lela........Icarus was Grecian, not Greek. I forget exactly where Grecia was, but it was somewhere between Croatia and Suburbia, I'm sure.

I thought the equator was bulging because of the accumulated weight of all the National Geographic Magazines that are saved in people's basements in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Now you're blaming it on the sun? Sheeesh! How's an intelligent guy supposed to keep up?

And finally, I absolutely know photography was invented right here in the Good Old US of A by Abraham Lincoln, which explains why he is the first president of whom we have photos, not just paintings.

So there!


Oh SLOGranny - I do envy you this experience just a little if you don't mind!! So much fun it must have been being there in that moment!!!! You DO know how to find interesting things going on.....!!


Mr.Squirt........It is a well-known fact that the ancient Greeks possessed the knowledge of flight.....did not Icarus fly?........I don't know what sort of plane he flew, because none of the planes have survived, which leads to the obvious conclusion that they must have been made of paper....or maybe, possibly, glass......
In fact the Greeks invented lots of things, including of course, photography........their most famous 'paparazzi' being of course, Clark 'Kent' Hippolytus, who worked for the 'Athens Daily Argonaut'........(he also flew)........
It is also, as well, a well-known fact, ipso factotum (which is Greek), that the equator IS melting.......and that is why the Earth has a bulge (another well-known fact)........
I hope this valuable information will help you sleep soundly.......and silently.......which would be a paradox.....which is also Greek, as well, too.........


It's OK, Patsquire. I'll put you to sleep. To end the suffering..... OURS.


Well that's a shame! Poor SLOGranny. But I say any time you can mess with a NatGeo photographer, good for you! (Speaking of NatGeo I heard that after Playboy offered French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy $10,000,000 to pose, NatGeo offered Michelle Obama a big pile of beads and string. Do you think that's true?)

But you know lelabug, you raise an interesting mysterious point in your scholastic science gibberish, when you say, "...the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth's equator."

I've never been able to figure out all this business of "planes" because they come from the ancient Greek python people (such as Pythagorus) from years long past BEFORE THE INVENTION OF FLIGHT so how did they know about planes?

Also and on top of that, the sun and the earth, the moon and the other celestial bodies, they're all flying around without planes, which I thought, to fly you need a plane. So how is that possible?

And if "...the center of the Sun (is really) in the same plane as the Earth's equator" why doesn't the earth melt? You know, the sun is very hot. Over 1,000 degrees I think, which is d*mn hot!

I need some more sleep...........


gerdjy-thingy-number...........The machine was made by unclebluebottle........he could make you one, but he does not have time, as every time he makes a new one, granny crashes her old one, and it has to be replaced..........


Mr.Le-Squirt......FYI (that means "for your ignorance" BTW.....which means "buy tadpole wine"), seconds after this photo was taken, granny crashed head-on into the trilithon (for that is what it is called) on the right, then fell to the ground in front of the Nat.Geog.photographer, ruining his photo......she did actually, ipso facto, in reality therefore, land........

Lovely picture ! I wish I could be there . Were can I get such a cute flying maschine ?


"...local solar noon....." HA! As if it isn't noon everywhere sometime each day! Like politics, all noons are local, north, south, east or west. The rest of that "science" malarkey is your typical "schoolroom" gibberish dressed up in fancy words to make it indecipherable so we HAVE TO believe it!

And another thing, besides which, also and plus which furthermore how could they arrest SLOGranny for "entering the country" when she was still airborne. You don't "enter" until you touch down, as everybody knows, and here she is, still up in the air! And ANOTHER THING, of course she "had not passed through customs" because since when do they have flying customs offices where some "official moron" in a uniform can stamp your passport? Customs offices are typically ON THE GROUND and there's Granny IN THE AIR!

Such official baloney, as imposed by "officialdom" (which I pronounce "official dumb" [hee-hee]) MUST BE RESISTED! WHERE'S TATINHA? TATI, WE NEED YOUR COURAGE YOUR DARING, YOUR DEDICATION, TO LEAD US in a new quest against Official Dumb!

Yes, lelabug, few people know that Stonehedge was why Shetland ponies were invented......


Glad to find that P-Skewed has finally acknowledged that he has only half a brain. . . .


22nd March and 20th September these are equinoxes of equal night and day

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year

as for the Picts building any stone circles, Lord give me strength


SO THERE!.......
Though I have to agree about the Shetland Ponies.........


Mr.Le-Knows-Absolutely-Squirt.......If I remember rightly......
An equinox occurs twice a year (around 20 March and 22 September), when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth's equator......
A solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. As a result, on the day of the solstice, the Sun appears to have reached its highest or lowest annual altitude in the sky above the horizon at local solar noon......


Yes, Juneee - she said it was very eventful........she just doesn't approve of foul language......


Everybody decries, bemoans and laments the dumbing-down of the world's peoples, but nobody ever does anything about it. Well, it's time somebody put his foot down, and here in Bugosiland that foot is me!

SLOGranny wanted to do what? Celebrate the "solstice" did she? IT'S CALLED AN EQUINOX, as anybody with half a brain SUCH AS ME knows! "EQUINOX" as in "equal" or "balanced" as in the summer "BALANCES OUT" the winter all over the world. Otherwise there'd be snow everywhere all year 'round!

And where did she hold her little affair, or swaray as the French say? At "Stonehenge" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ! ! ! ! ! By "Stonehenge" I take it you mean "Stonehedge" the famous Britano-English formation in the rolling countryside, where ancient peoples called "Picts" rounded up a circle, or "hedge" of big stones, hence: stonehedge. They depicted (this is where the word Pict comes from, and why these ancient people were called that since they were big on depicting things, real depicters you might say) the "balancing" or "EQUINOX" of winter with summer, which started on the very day they hauled (using Shetland ponies, but that's a lesson for another day) the last big stone into place in their "hedge."

In the inner-city schools of Detroit, Liverpool, Barcelona, Palermo and the like I guess we have to tolerate sub-standard education, but by all that's holy and right, let's STAMP OUT IGNORANCE IN BUGOSILAND!


Hellooee, Mr.Christmas-Carroll!........Yes, it was quite a day.........and night.........and next morning........
I also tried to resist arrest, but once they put the handcuffs on, there wasn't much I could do........I did have a lovely cell, all to myself, padded........


she enjoyed it then? I always enjoyed solstices at stone circles, every one is so nice and friendly. In fact I think this is the first punch to be thrown I do hope it doesn't set a precedent

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