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Elderpark Library

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This library was given to the people of Govan, Glasgow by Mrs Isabella Elder in memory of her husband John Elder. He was one of the founders of Fairfield Shipbuilding Company on the south bank of the River Clyde.
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  1. Menelaus4:34
  2. linmey5:59
  3. rocks2wear6:14
  4. Juice16:40
  5. CProfaizer7:07
  6. larryoverton7:25
  7. JFRS7:31
  8. samsung18:36
  9. Puzno8:52
  10. wetlandstom8:52


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@Andrew2 How kind you are. As a fellow reader (nothing heavy, novels mostly) I prefer the feel of a book in my hands and the smell of paper in the air.


No need to blush my friend. All of the creative works you have shown us are well made and beautiful, and from my point of view are not something I could do myself.

By the way this photo is of the Library that I went to every week when I was in Primary School and I still remember the anticipation and excitement as we stood in line to choose a couple of books to take home to read. I still love reading books but over the last few years I've converted to my Kindle which beats the weight of holding a big book while half asleep.


@Andrew2 Creative things and creating things come easily to me and have since childhood. Your comment today about the piano really touched me, my friend.

For many years I sincerely never quite understood why other folks couldn't create things. Sally has been a great leveler of that side of my life. I always had problems attaching value, intrinsically or monetarily, to what I created. It is the creation, itself, that I find rewarding and I take pleasure in the delight or appreciation of it by others.


@Andrew2 If you are interested in less-public communicating, drop me an email at I have several Jigidi email friends with whom to share news and occasional photos not worthy of sharing as progress on the house addition, social things, etc.

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