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August 2 2021

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these fabrics by some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. alib352:12
  2. botmom142:46
  3. laurajane3:25
  4. kathy553:41
  5. JavaChip343:52
  6. Tyco3:56
  7. GeorgiAir3:56
  8. beckstermn3:59
  9. MarshaG614:16
  10. FancieMe4:31


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I'm soda lighted with this puzzle. Thank you as always.


Great fabrics, thanks for posting.


That was one of my favorite jokes of yours. I laughed out loud. I'm usually more of a light chortler.


have you fallen in love with the kitties babs, and want to take them home?

Thank you for a lovely way to come home from cat-sitting. Lovely puzzle! B


haha, yes ... cordouroy. i used to vit vit vit down the hallway in school. did you hear about the cordouroy pillowcase commercials? they're making headlines, lol.

Good puzzle. I see corduroy down in the corner. I remember the sound of that! Thank you.

Loved it.....and he he to your joke!

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