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These people were all out on the Lake (Superior)

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Behind me, the cars were also lining the roadway.

Taken January 15, 2022
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It really IS busy in this area when we're near the lake. Ice fishing is big, even during the day when so many people are at work. This was a Saturday, though. Thanks, Jillian.


Wow it’s a busy place! Fascinating



And they should.

I think some places do.


Yes, they should, Ianto.

Or pay for the cost of the rescue.


There are, Mila. The ice out on the lake was dotted with fishing shelters.
Those "stupid" laws are a good idea, Sharon. People don't think about the fact that they are not just taking risks with their own lives but endanger the lives of others, as you pointed out, even the rescuers. Thanks for that word.


Ice fishing must be good here. I have ice fished in my uncle's fish house in front of his home on Lake Minnetonka, but I preferred clearing off a place next to the shore on our little lake for skating. Unbelievable how fast that woman was driving in the video in the link you provided. And so oblivious to the danger--if not to herself but to the people who came to her rescue. I'm glad she got a citation. Here in Arizona "stupid motorist" laws had to be enacted for drivers who crossed flooded roads, etc., during some of our heavy rains despite warning signs and put not only themselves and their passengers at risk but the responders who had to save them. There has been some talk of "stupid hiker" laws for hikers who don't carry enough water or wander off the marked trails, etc, and then have to be rescued off the mountain or out of the desert.


Wow, lots of fishermen!


I sure do, GG. How can people be so oblivious to danger?? I's beyond me!!
Even if the car couldn't sink deeper, Sylvia, it still seems crazy to me.
Hodag, you're right! Do you live in the area?
It really DOES, Suzy. In WI state parks, I've even seen selfie stations, where people can put their cameras on timer and take photos of themselves in scenic areas. What a way to miss out on beautiful, scenic areas just to prove, "I was here"!
I guess so, Juba. I don't even think that way, myself.


She can make money posting her video online.


Winter fun and hardy folks.

Looked at the selfie article, and have decided that to many, the selfie is what it's all about. How many times do people stand with their backs to a view to take a selfie, step back and wham. Gone.
It all makes one wonder.....

Looks like this is the coal dock in Washburn.


Unbelievable how many cars there are and even more whish aren't visible on the photo. Ice-fishing must be the winter sport #1!


So true! It's unbelievable, she seems to be very calm. Is this "normal"? I think it isn't! Or maybe the car was stuck and she knew it couldn't sink deeper???


I watched the link you posted about the woman taking a selfie on the roof of her car as it sinks into the river...amazing she didn't seem very upset. You just have to wonder about people sometimes, don't you? ☺

Yes that was the moron.

It was on HLN. I will go look.


Crazy, Ianto. I'll have to look for that article. How dumb!! Here might be the news about that. In this case, it was a woman:

On the news this morning there was a story of a moron driving his car onto to ice. As the car was sinking he is on the top of it taking selfies.

Did he realize that his poor car was under the water?

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