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My Albino Amel Cornsnake, Lily the Pink - Growing like crazy!

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Taken just before I cleaned her tank. Should've called her the Lampton Wyrm, she's growing so much! Due to go from fuzzies to baby mice. Need also to move her into a bigger tank, got an old glass cabinet, I'm hoping to convert into a vivarium.


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i reckon you should have an Egyptian theme! her bed could be a sarcophagus!


cool! i have always wanted a snake, but they are banned in NZ unfortunately!


She's gorgeous, my twisted sister. I love snakes, too. So few people understand how really helpful to man they are. Few are actually dangerous, and only if you bother them, first. The non-poisonous ones, like this Corn Snake, or the Rat Snake I grew up with, eat critters that are pests to us. The only problem I ever have is local Garter snakes eating the goldfish in my fish pond.


Thanks octomom. She was just like a liquorice lace last September, when my son got her for me. I made a cool hide for her from the top of an egg box+painted it with a camouflage pattern. She's nearly bursting out of it now, half under her bedding! This was just over a week ago, about a fornight after her last shed, her colour is really vibrant. Every feed, you can see how much she's growing! She's very easy to handle.
I'm debating on the theme of the vivarium I want to make - playing with ideas, gothic dracula's castle with a vampire skull, ancient ruins - egyptian, or celtic, or Alice in wonderland's rabbit hole, with various objects 'falling'. Whatever I decide, I'll make the hides from papier-mâché. It's going to have 3 levels for her to climb about on. Yeay! ; )


She's a beauty, Amazonia.