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Went fishing this morning and ... made this turmeric and lemongrass eel with spicy coconut saffron cream sauce

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Posted on Reddit by xbbn1985, who says,

"Hi! We live in a region in France (Brittany) where the sea is just beside us. A day out can yield sea breams, eels, squids, spider crabs...just to name a few."

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Thank you, @dudicat, but I must warn you I have never cooked or prepared any of my puzzle photos. My area of expertise is admiration, not preparation. :-)

Lucky you!It looks delicious!!


I'm with you Kitty. They also stink!!! :-)) dj


I think I'll stick with shrimp and fish. Eel makes me think of eating a snake.


I love eel! I wish I'd been with them at lunch!

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