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Yesterday my dog disturbed me with her barking and I looked out to see this new born baby on our sidewalk. I am guessing she was a newborn because she was so small and was wobbly on her legs. She went around to the side of our house and stood for a bit and then leaned against the wall and slid down to rest. It was very hot and she was on cool dirt and next to the cement slab. I watched her from behind a gate, knowing that her Mother would more than likely come back for her. She moved later, getting between ground cover and the house, a softer place to be and less visible. She curled up and slept for hours. As the evening approached a big wind and storm rolled in with thunder and lightning. I was concerned but kept an eye on her, she started to perk up and look around when the rain got heavy. The last time my husband went and checked on her, she was gone. I hope her Mama came to get her, I know they will leave them during the day but come back for them, unless there is something wrong with them... She was beautiful to watch.
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  1. slavka19:00
  2. carrps9:05
  3. Sylvester10:46
  4. Healitnow13:01
  5. dock14:39
  6. funa1917:48
  7. beetboy18:05


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