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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 02

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I thought... ‘we’ve been away from the Fillmore too long, let’s go back whether I’m ready to start 1968 or not...’ Well, joke’s on me… somehow I skipped a whole lotta posters from ’66! Now, remember, some of the early posters were not all that exciting, artistic license aside, and everything, I mean
e v e r y t h I n g, centered on Big Brother, the Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane, but hey, you’re probably only putting these together to get on a leaderboard and couldn’t care if it’s a vintage poster or a bouquet of flowers. I’m right, aren’t I? Figured that out all by myself…

Wes Wilson created this for concerts at the Fillmore on March 18 – 20, 1966. And, what’d I tell ya? Big Brother and the Great Society, featuring Grace Slick, appeared. The other bands playing were the Family Tree, Gentleman’s Band, Quicksilver, Mystery Trend, and Skins. The poster lists who would appear which night, but it’s totally illegible to the human eye. You ARE human, right? It IS, however, quite famous and may be the rarest of all the Fillmore posters. Wilson was exploring the effect of wrapping lettering around shapes, and in his next poster he made the leap of creating shapes with letters, which became his hallmark.

In addition to the musical acts, the poster claims we could see Batman movies! And win… something... I don’t think there were many Batman movies by 1966, and can’t imagine showing five or six hours of them, so my money is on the TV show starring Adam West. (POW!) At least the poster design (ZONK!) makes sense now (BIFF!)

Mystery Trend -

Batman Season 1 Episode 1 -
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I’m reading it on an iPad screen. With my best reading glasses. And I have a 5X makeup mirror to get my eyebrows strait. :-)


How can you guys read this???? I appreciate the added info, but your amazing vision is a little unsettling...


Holy hallucinogens Batman! Only $5 for all three nights. :-)


Win a talking Mynah bird?! You know, Mozart had a talking starling... just sayin'...

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