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Tři osamocené kvítky na azalce působí tak dojemně.
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Dobro čeho ty si nevšimneš :-)))


A řasy má jako mrkačka! :-)


Eloise thank you


Dík Dáši, Tobě pěkný den

Simply beautiful. Thanks.

Má krásnou barvu, Inti. Pěkný večer. ♥♥♥




Tea I'm glad you have such ideas about my garden, but the reality is a little different :-))


I understand about odd weather! Our area hasn’t had enough rain and very hot temperatures. So some flowers are doing fine, but fewer blooms on others. Oh well, I’m thankful for the flowers that are blooming :) I imagine your garden is lovely!


Evi taky se mi líbí, koupila jsem jí kdysi v Penny a byla levná.


Tea Yes, it is from my garden and it blooms in spring, but the erratic weather has given rise to these three flowers

Krásná modř .


Beautiful :) Is this Azalea from your garden?
Thank you, it’s a cheerful puzzle!

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