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be silly & laugh often

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these fabrics by different designers and manufacturers from some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. alib352:43
  2. botmom143:06
  3. wildwater3:09
  4. Honi543:10
  5. kathy553:25
  6. spotto4:08
  7. geri3334:17
  8. MarshaG614:18
  9. Susraf4:41
  10. kiki364:43


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thanks kathy and gb2. i love it when my puzzles trigger some good memories for you all. it's like a cyber hug

I agree with KSTJW, this is a great puzzle, the big letters part would be great ANYWHERE children live and play. The whole puzzle is beautiful!! The bottom center square reminds me of some fabric I used to make my daughters matching outfits when they were the same height. (17 months 15 days apart in age). I LOVED that fabric. Thank you for such a great fun puzzle!! Everyone take care in this very stressful time!! God keep everyone safe and sound!!

I think if you can’t laugh, especially right now, you’re in a lot of trouble. A smile is such an important asset. Thank you. Oh good heavens I didn’t let you know that I think the puzzle is faaabulous.


that's wonderful to hear appeltree. i like it when people allow themselves to be silly every now and then.


Thanks for the puzzle. I think I am silly enough and laugh often. :-)

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