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Australian Native Bees..

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The Aust. Native Bee is tiny - about 1/4" long - and doesn't have a sting! There are several hives in logs around the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, and lots of busy bees in the garden beds!! The sandstone sculpture is near a hive & the metal Bee figure is on a log in the Children's Trail area in the gardens. Taken on Mother's Day.
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That's super cool! : )


Thanks Ami!


Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.


The Varroa Mite is the main culprit Ami - I did a bit of research and it's a parasite that was first discovered in Asian bee colonies. It causes the colony to collapse & die and has spread to most countries in the world - except Australia - touch wood!!!!! Apparently it's one of the biggest threats to pollination world-wide!! It sounds pretty nasty!!!


Interesting, I hope your bees do well Robyn. I think the condition called Colony Collapse is due primarily to pesticides, but I don't know that to be the sole culprit. Now that things are in bloom everywhere around here, I am looking to see how many bees are buzzing around. I hope they can rebound from the losses they've suffered lately!!!


I'm not sure how they protect them IF - that's a good question!!! Thanks!!


Thanks for the photos and info, Robyn. I wonder how these bees protect their hives, not having stingers. Maybe they don't have many natural predators. What tiny insects they are.


Wow! Lucky you Janet!!! These hives were home to lots of bees as we saw plenty going about their jobs. I never realised they were so small and it makes perfect sense to leave their honey for them to consume!! We also occasionally see the blue-striped bees here to - I think they're so pretty, but hard to photograph!!! Thanks Janet:))

Thanks Shirley - I've never seen a hive in the bush, so it was fascinating to check these out!!!

It IS surprising Chrissie!!! The Gardens have almost doubled in size in recent years - and we only saw about 1/3 of it!!! Thanks!!

Thanks snooker - that's an interesting fact, isn't it!!

Thanks Florrie - I think most other bees do sting:))

Thanks Sharon - I'm glad you learned something new:))) Jigidi is a great spot to find out new info!!!


Rob - as usual, your puzzles are interesting and educational. I just assumed all bees could/would sting.☺♥

Nice collage. Didn't know there was a bee without a stinger.


Considering how many nasty bities we have here, it's surprising this little critter doesn't have a sting! It's many years since I was at Mt Coot-tha - maybe before this sculpture was around. Another visit for the Bucket List :-) Thanks, Rob.


I've not seen any hives where we are now, but other places we've lived we have had Native Bee hives, always high up in trees, to high to reach, so we just left them alone, lovely sculpture's, Thanks Rob.


Hi Rob, great pics. You certainly saw a lot there.

I have my very own native been colony in my garden. I post a pic of them swarming a long time ago, but it wasn't much of a pic. Pretty hard to take hundreds of teeny bees flying around! We do not harvest their honey as they eat it in winter and on cold or rainy days, as they are too tiny to come out when it's raining or too cold. I think that my bees help my garden to be so productive.

There are other native bees too, some of which are called Solitary bees as they don't live in a hive situation. We have many of the blue striped bottom bees in my garden too. Almost impossible to get a pic. Hugs, janet


Barb - Australia is one of the few countries world-wide that has escaped the honey bee virus that causes hives to collapse & die! Our Customs department is very strict about what comes into the country - and I'm so pleased about that!!!
The Native bees don't supply our retail trade - but they're still an important part of our ecosystem!! I guess our place way 'Down Under' has it's good points:))))


Wow! That's great that you have your own native honey :) Thanks!


Yes Barb - these ones were. The dark area on the tree trunk was quite sticky looking - but we did the right thing & left them in peace!!


Are your native bees making honey, Rob?

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