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I'm TJ: Hi Jigidi!

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As you can see from my tucked in front paws I'm glad to be inside and I'm making myself at home. The bigger kids that will talk to brother, Jamie, and I all say that the Jigidi kitty parties are so much fun and I cannot wait to meet all my new friends. As mom said I really am little, and at about 7 months only weigh about 3 pounds. But my attitude is about 18 lbs and so is my mischief making. ☺☺☺
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  1. webpeggy3:33
  2. hadzi3:44
  3. babray3:50
  4. CrazyCAT543:50
  5. Impie3:54
  6. Rackles4:05
  7. calluna4:29
  8. Cindyrella4:34
  9. zhaba474:42
  10. Tharl5:07


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Hi Patsy, she is still the tiny member with a huge attitude. I have some new pictures and will get them posted soon. I promise! ☺☺☺

TJ, you are very pretty in this picture. And very alert, ready for action. It's been a few months since this photo. Are you still the tiny member of the family, or is your body catching up with your attitude? Hoping for more photos, and more stories, soon.

Oh Auntie Nancy, I will and thank you!
Nancy, she does has a glint of the mischief, always! ☺☺☺


Hi TJ, it is so nice to meet you. Welcome to your forever home and to Jigidi! You're such a pretty girl. Do I see a glint of mischief in your eyes? What are you plotting? Come see us often, and let us know how you're doing, okay? ♥


Oh, those little ones! My Pal was small from being so sick, but what a booger!

Thank you Auntie Impie! I'm glad I found my forever home too!
Thanks Anne! She is SO sweet! Scratch her head and she just leans into it.
Cyndi, thank you so much!
Impie, they really are settling in real well. The other 2 pretty well stay in the bedroom but they are safe and well. I can handle them and they will come out some. Hopefully, they can go to Gina's this next week.


Hi TJ...welcome to Jigidi. I'm so happy you have found yourself a forever home. You couldn't have chosen a better one and I'm sure you'll be happy with your new mum Betty. Wishing you a long and happy life and hope to see you often here on Jigidi! ♥♥

She's looking more relaxed than the other day, Betty. She and her brother are just lovely! ♥


Hi TJ. It is great to meet you. You are a real cutie. Welcome to Jigidi.....Cyndi


Aw, and she looks so sweet to have such a cattitude.

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