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Vintage poster #108 Winterland, San Francisco 1968

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I need a break from Spam, gelatin, rain... I wish this poster was more exciting, but it's next in the line-up, so my hands are tied. This is from Lee Conklin - I can't remember if I've discussed him or not. I can't remember what day of the week it is. Did I take a shower? Was my hamster fed? Am I supposed to be somewhere? All I'm sure of is my hands are washed, there's TP in the closet, and I'm getting better at following directional arrows on the floor of the store...

Where was I? Oh yeah, Lee Conklin, February 22, 1968, Winterland. The show starred Cannonball Adderly, the Vagrants, and the Who. This poster is reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe, and let's just get it over with, that means we're talking private parts and naughty bits... Now, this was San Francisco, 1968, so maybe people just thought butterflies and hibiscus, and, what are those, hazelnuts? But we've all been around the block and know what's going on. Some of us got lost before we reached the corner, some of us popped into the head shop for some incense, and some of us jay-walked and got hit by the Number 17 bus, but most of us made it around the block and are mature enough to appreciate this poster.

So... appreciate it we shall... let's see... uh, French's mustard yellow, a nice hibiscus, and, seriously, are those hazelnuts? When your mom would put out that bowl of mixed nuts for company, they were probably your number three choice. First, almonds, of course, then pecans. A little more work but sweet and tasty. Then hazelnuts, or filberts in some parts where people say things like "pop" when we all know they should say soda... walnuts, too messy and too much work sitting at the coffee table in the living room, then those awful Brazil nuts. No body wanted them, why were they in the bag? Your nutcracker was the coyote, a Brazil nut was the roadrunner. You were never gonna win, just have bits of shell shrapnel flying around, your mother giving you 'looks' and after the company left she handed you a broom and there went your afternoon. And to be honest, what kid wants to work to get inside a nut when dinner should be on the table? It makes you resent visitors and I suspect it's why a lot of us grow up to be anti-social and have eating disorders...
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I will look into that - thanks for the info. There are episodes and bloopers on YouTube - guess I know what I'll be doin' tonight (excellent casting).


mpp if you really want to know how to fight off Jell-o just speak to the guys on ......
3rd Rock From the Sun, they've defeated deadly attacks from it (on one of the best comedy shows) several times . ♪♥♥♫


mpp, my apologies for the lengthyness of my comment. After a fortnight of writing gibberish I was about to go cleanup my mess but the sting of your admonition was still ringing in my cordless mouse, so I stopped and let the landslide continue it's destructive path. I have finally saved up enough gigabytes to afford a semester at Hoff's "School of One Liners", so hopefully there is still time before I transition into Stage 4 Verbosity. Wish me luck... and I again apologize....


I thought it was me... maybe if I put Jello on the posters...


Bub, it looks like your daily walks are paying off. I doubt if many Jigidiers have the stamina to read my entire comment.


Totally agree John ♪♥♥♫


My apologies for the late addition of my comment to the comments of your ever growing poster appreciative fan club... and those seeking intellectual stimulus and wander aimlessly around Jigidiland in search of meaningful puzzles...

My deepest apologies mpp. It is apparent my virtual fence that is intended to keep riff raff a safe distance from your 'comment zone' has failed. Apparently three fortunate souls were able to scale the virtual barrier and bathe in the wit of your poster/introduction. But my failure to provide the security that you have enjoyed in the past is not entirely my fault. When in trouble or caught being negligent, I must employ the excuse used by married men everywhere... "IT'S MY WIFE'S FAULT!"

Thursday... a day that will live in infamy. A rare day when all 4 major sports are active... the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, the 'coma' known as Major League baseball and of course the opening game of the germ invested NFL season. The 4 major sources of controversy on display... how could I resist players kneeling during the National Anthem? How could I ignore the political comments scrawled in 6 foot letters in the end zone? How could I resist the mental beat down from a political nutttttt? (that's "nut" with 6 "t"s... that's my wife)

So I watched part of the NFL's opening game, the Chiefs vs the Texans... on my phone... for about 15 minutes. Just long enough to be labeled as being "unAmerican", a communist, the source of all evil. But that's not true! I'm not "unAmerican". I'm not a communist. I'm not the source of all evil (well... I suppose that's debatable). I am not Blue or Red. I am not an elephant or a mule (ass). I AM A PIG! A SPORTS PIG! And proud of it!

Do you know of any elephants that have passed meaningful legislation in the past, oh.... 93 years? Do you know of any mules that have earned the title of "smart" ass? No. THEY ARE NOT PIGS!

"Pigs like to play. They’re smart. They have good long-term memories, and they can be socially manipulative with other pigs. They can tell which people are nice and which aren’t. They’re also able to distinguish between pigs they know and pigs that are strangers". - Besides the manipulation part, do these sound like the qualities of a successful politician? NO! These are the qualities I look for when I lock myself in a polling booth... I look for these qualities and a full roll of toilet paper. I pay no attention to the blue or red complexion of their skin... I only look for slices of tasty bacon.

Didn't you post a puzzle? Seems as if I came here for a reason. Is it because September is the month you shave you legs? Is it because I became nauseous at the sight of your lima bean/Spam recipe? Is it because I like mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls? No... I think it is because I revel in reading your witty introductions to your never ending supply of witty posters... and of course the never ending supply of "private parts and naughty bits". Can I have an large order of private parts with a side order of naughty bits. I'm particularly hungry this morning and the smell of your perfume is driving me crazy.

As usual, my comment is rambling...

"Ramble on...
And now's the time, the time is now
To sing my song
I'm going 'round the world, girl, don't you hurl
On my way
I've been this way ten years to the day
I gotta ramble on
I gotta find the scream that ends all my dreams"

Oh Yeah... the poster. Not familiar with the Vagrants, Cannonball Adderly (but I know the name) and lost interest in the Who early on and I have no interest in gender neutral nude bodies with webbed feet flying aimlessly in an orange polluted sky.... unless you can convince me mermaids have webbed feet... then I am all in...


The object at the lower left corner, with a cord, looks to me like a dead computer mouse. I wonder what Conklin thought it was (personal computers with or without mice didn't exist in 1967, of course).


I see flying ears and noses, I guess they're the naughty bits mpp, nice mustard colour ♪♥♥♫


Thanks, plantman. I need praise to survive...

I needed a laugh. Thank you! You captured a part (several parts, actually) of our youth.

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