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The "Koja" from the inside!

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I'm glad you think so!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


It looks much drier than the impression it gave from the outside. It even looks a bit cosy. :))


Oh, I'm glad you are interested like that, Ank!! Thanks so very much!!

Dondi, you are so right, I thought about it when I had posted the comment. But what to choose? Pest or cholera? We have half-doors in our door out, so that we can open the upper one and remove the snow when it blocks the lower door. They might have been able to do like that here, but it would have given some draught. Thanks so very much for your comment.


About the door opening outward - the alternative is that when you open it, the snow cascades in, and you can't *close* it....


Very, interesting all this. I just like to read it. Like the photo too. I fall to sleep, the other is for tomorrow. Hug


They learned a lot through the centuries that were spent in the woods, and they renewed all the time to get the best out of it!! Thanks so very much David!!

Yes, it's very impressing to find how well things have been thought through. But one thing is NOT good with this koja, the door opens outwards and if it has snowed hard, they won't be able to open it!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


It looks more than adequate for the circumstances! Nice woodwork! Thanks, Hanne!


It's interesting how the wall with the window slopes in so that they might get some light during the day and not simply a wall of snow.


And here I spent the past week complaining about no electricity--in an 8 room house with a wood stove and running water and indoor plumbing, and an outside temperature in the 40's most of the day...

Amazing what man can do when he has to...!


They hadn't much time in the hut, they worked as much as they were able to, so cooking some food and sleeping was what the hut was for. Thanks so very much Sandy!!


I can just see them there with that little oil lamp burning. Thanks Hanne.


We'll have a look at the other end of the hut tomorrow, actually they lived here for years sometimes. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


It's amazing how little one can live with. I doubt I would survive very long under such primitive conditions. Thanks, Hanne.


From the inside it's not bad at all, just simple, very simple. But as it is so small and well made it's warm even in the coldest winters that might go down to -20 or -30 when it was worst!!

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