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Beautiful and Unusual Flowers Australian Natives

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Hi Sandy. Glad you made it back. I don't know all the names of our wild flowers but bottom left corner is wattle. Next to that is Bottlebrush. Above that, the weird red one is Sturt's Dessert Pea, the state emblem of Western Australia. There are also what we used to call Egg and Bacon flowwers and Paper Daisies. Just a few of our beautiful flowers. Might do some state by state so you can see what we have. Susan

This is a wonderful treat for me, since I have never had the privilege of visiting Australia. Queenslander recognizes most of them...I'm the opposite. I don't know any. I will continue to enjoy your flower presentations as long as you care to post them. Thanks. Sandy



Thank you for this lovely puzzle.

Gorgeous flowers!


Yes, Queenslander, we don't often see our beautiful Australian plants. They are mostly your azaleas, roses etc. My husband has turned our garden into a native garden. Unfortunately it has been a bit neglected over the last few years as we have been living in Canberra. Bring on the spring! Susan


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!! I so enjoyed this one as a true-blue Aussie myself, and I know most of them, but it's a huge continent and there are some I don't recognise. They mostly seem to be from the south and west, and I'm in the north east. So great to see our flowers on display though, thank you!!

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