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Neighbourhood Watch in Australia

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  1. rrfan2:53
  2. Prof3:45
  3. Magwaggi3:56
  4. owl24:18
  5. Culpepper4:20
  6. PuzOz4:35
  7. anna4:52
  8. Marrufo14:55
  9. temptme5:04
  10. Zannad5:11


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Ha, ha! that's funny! :).
You will be disappointed to learn that snakes are now a protected species in Australia. Also the law has a lot to say about people running around with guns

Ditto what @Currawaong said.

Rest easy @PuzOz
Not all snakes in Australia are poisonous, there are a lot that will squeeze you to death instead!

It's just a harmless carpet snake (python). They aren't poisonous. As constrictors they strangle their prey. Superb creatures.


Environmental pest control..only a python


I'm not worried about a snake bite killing me. I would die from a heart attack before the venom could do anything. Sherry


Did I read somewhere that all snakes in Australia are poisonous?


So scary Dizy.


I’m not sure but i think it could be a red belly black

Don't care what kind. That is why the shotgun was invented.


Nope nope nope nope...what kind of a snake is that?


OMG!!! scary!

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