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NOT the Perfect Gift for Mother - advertisement

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No, do not buy your mother this mop bucket as a gift. This is not even similar to the little boy who buys his mother a baseball mitt for her birthday. That can be excused. A mop bucket! I would say times have changed.
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  1. randlindsly4:55
  2. Tex_puzz5:07
  3. Gloop19665:52
  4. Tmporsche7:34
  5. LJerry8:29
  6. cirav9:26
  7. Bobbinwork9:57
  8. Rosie5610:06
  9. Ann100010:06
  10. Adlepated12:05


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If she's complained and complained that she needs a new bucket, then yes, this is a thoughtful gift. The important thing to remember is, to put a completely useless second gift IN the bucket, like diamond earrings. :)


hm. my mom ended a relationship after he brought one of the brandnew steam-irons...sudden death of a longtime friendship^^. guess i would ask me, too, what role i am playing in such a mans life^^


I've bought some dumb gifts for the wife. Makes her appreciate the good ones even more.___:D

So, what do you do when you work at the marketing department at K&A and you have to push these buckets?

It would make a good hat if it was given to me as a gift. What a hoot.


I remember the Johnson Wax commercial where the man comes home from a hard day at the office and is SOO impressed by the shine on the kitchen floor, he literally sweeps her off her feet. Unlike their neighbor, whose wife, after doing all the grunt work, didn't take time to soften and moisturize her hands, which turned into lobster claws when her husband held them, and jumped back in horror - what a turn-off! We've come a long way, baby! Thank goodness!


I knew a guy who bought his wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. They are divorced now.

Why this advertisement?