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Eziwaldoino and ZZ

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nicknames for my kittens- personal photo
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  1. watline53:32
  2. Jabyin1:06:35
  3. MMyers1:16:08
  4. JamesDoe19671:16:58
  5. swynn1:23:52
  6. soslo1:30:36
  7. iss461:36:21
  8. Guest0011:37:18
  9. beyondwords1:41:18
  10. Frank3551:54:04


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Thank you. Happy Easter to you!


@Jabyin Thank you for the update. Too bad about the eye, but you and the angel have recovered. I see you just published more puzzles! I'll have a look and then bookmark them to come back to soon.
Happy Easter! ~Patsy


Yes we still have them. They are still very sweet. They do not snuggle each other though anymore. The striped female growls at the other cats when they approach, but to all nice humans she expects love, scratches and cuddles. The male has never hurt any of us on purpose. So patient. A wild male came to our house and jumped inside our window. He fought it and lost his sight in one eye. Through all meds and help from the Vet and us, he tolerates without scratching. He is an angel in cat form. He is long ago healed and still a sweetie.


Cute kittens. Still in your family? They're grown up now. Any recent photos?

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