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Recs, Standing, Resting, or Leaning--SMALL

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p.s. I know your name isn't Framcome. Oops! It's making me giggle. Sorry.


Your first snowfall, and we're still using our air conditioner. Like I said, I miss the seasons back east. Hope you don't mind, but I read some of the comments with Pat, and I enjoyed getting to know a little more about both of you, along with Gimp instructions. I've been feeling a bit lousy the last 2 days, so it may be awhile before I take an indepth look at GIMP. Thanks for allowing me to go to the site.

I was only 5 hrs. away from NY growing up outside of D.C., so descriptions of all its attractions brought back fond memories. Of course, I didn't have to travel to see fascinating sites and shows being so close to the nation's capitol. I hated being dragged along for the umpteenth time to show visitors the sights when I was a kid, never realizing how much I'd miss them dearly when I moved so far away. I flew there on 10/11/01 (boy was I scared), and that was the last time I revisited my beloved birthplace. Since then, my parents have died, and I have no living relatives there anymore. Also, I'm physically unable to travel anymore, so my fond memories much suffice. I do miss the night life too. Great restaurants, shows, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and say thanks. Gonna nap now. Look forward to future correspondence.


I just lost a long comment I was preparing. Here I go again:

PJ, thank you for making me feel like I've got some budding talent in my new world of creating puzzles. I love this category, because it gives us the freedom to try all kinds of designs. In just a couple of months, I feel like I've learned volumes especially with the help of my new friends and mentors. This is such a great community. And, yes, technology has opened the world to me. I've been physically limited for many years, and I remember when the internet became the rage. Now I can learn and interact globally. Wow! I continue to appreciate your kind and frequent feedback. Enjoy your evening and will talk to you again.

Francine, I did see your post on the What puzzle, but chose to acknowledge it in my previous post here. Sorry, I didn't mention it. I do live in New Mexico, and my neighborhood covenants requires all landscaping to be indigenous to the area. So, no leaf turning here. I've never traveled to Canada, but I think I'd like it. Hope you enjoy Ontario.

I love Ellis Peters and saw the miniseries of Brother Cadfael several times. Never get tired of seeing it. You have great taste IMHO. Glad you also enjoy books on tape. They are usually well scripted bringing added pleasure to the reading experience.

I would llike to know the puzzle site for some guidance to GIMP. It may shed some light into its mysteries. Serif's DrawPlus is still challenging me, but it has limitations that either I haven't found or don't exist. When I analyze other puzzles, I'm intrigued by the tools I think I'm lacking. However, I don't need to know it all this early in my learning process. I just want to know what's out there.

If you want to share some of your other favorite authors, that would be fun, too. I think I'm going to stop now so I can solve one of your puzzles. Had visitors today, so didn't get anything done yet. Sleep well and keep enjoying life.


This was a wonderful puzzle. You're creative with a good sense of design. Reading the comment below. It's great that modern technological devices are so useful to you. I'm delighted by several of your puzzles.


Hello again Francine. I saw your collection of works and was blown away. Just added you to my favorites list and am wondering why I've not seen these wonderful, energetic works of art before. You have a marvelous imagination. I loved them! I think I'll start with Floating Trellises and stay up all night doing as many as I can. Wow. Was that fall tree really a view from your kitchen window? I grew up in Norhtern VA, and really miss the seasons, especially fall with the leaves changing.

I have trouble reading and have been part of Talking Books for Blind and Handicapped for many years, so I can "read" and do puzzles if I so desire. Then I bought a Kindle which made it possible to read again. Very lightweight and the font size can be adjusted to very large. No strain. Then a few months ago I stumbled on to Jugidi. I was solving on another website for awhile, but the selection was boring at times and no one contributed You can imagine my amazement when I got here and realized people were contributing and conversing. Once I hit "Mosaics" my life changed drastically! My reading is way down, because, like you, I had to learn my programs. My main one is Serif DrawPlus. I downloaded GIMP, but don't have the time or energy to learn 2 very different programs right now. We'll see as time goes by.

I couldn't read the first book's title on your avatar, but it lookes like you enjoy mysteries. Me too, but my taste is all over the place or, as they say, ecclectic. I just finished a book about a woman involved in training a puppy and herself for Search and Rescue missions. Absolutely great.

Anyway, nice chatting with you and look forward to getting to know you.
p.s. Your solving times are really good.

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