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Kaleidos were made from designs by Francine (bookish), Jacki (bluebird42), Shirley (Shian2) and Sue (sue1). From top to bottom and left to right here's whose design was used for each:

Francine Jacki Jacki
Shirley Shirley Shirley
Sue Shirley Shirley

Thank you, friends.

I'M TAKING A BREAK FROM MAKING KALEIDOS. I can do a leftovers next Sunday and then I'll see. I shall be posting my own photographs on ringleader2.
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  1. Cattil25:00
  2. swimbee5:22
  3. rockbit6:20
  4. Cchuning6:46
  5. uhugo6:53
  6. MarshaG617:11
  7. catdon7:21
  8. somethingwitty7:23
  9. pegstr7:26
  10. ullauhrskov7:53


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Thank you, Barbara. I missed seeing your comment before. I'm sorry.


The star is brilliant with the 3d effect making it look like a ball in the middle.

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