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TJ: So what if I'm in a weird position!

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I told you the other mini blinds were , minor... I have new ones but I'll wait awhile.
I thought this was posted with the others until I checked and saw I forgot to publish it. WOOPS!
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I agree Dulci8, I learned a long time ago, you can slow don sometimes but not stop a cat with an agenda. ☺☺☺

They will always get to where they want to go -- no matter what obstacles you think you can put in their path. That's what I love about cats!

I walked in to the office one morning and took a picture to send to Mama G. They did most of it almost overnight, then just tailored it to their individual tastes. Those 4 have done stuff none of my others have ever done. They are truly rascals!!!!


Oh my. Those lovely rascals. :DD Good plan to wait on the blinds.
Kitty beam sounds great! ;-))

Nancy the right one is just shredded, up and down and the one little sassy britches, TJ, is looking out is not much better lower down either. I have new ones but I think I'll wait for a little bit! ☺☺☺
I agree that she's trying out for the gymnastics team, maybe the kitty beam?


Hilarious! Looks like TJ is trying out for the gymnastics team, but I can't tell if this is supposed to be balance beam, uneven bars or pommel horse.....or a new one we haven't heard of yet. :DD
Could you pull out a few slats for viewing while keeping all the others in place? Looks like the Squad has already started that look on the righthand blind. LOL

generic_bear2 you might be right but that dog is completely invisible! ☺☺☺

He is thinking: "What, the blinds? The dog did it!"

Correct, Impie! Only a cat can sit that way and those are blinds designed for cats and BY CATS! The swats work great in design work! Even the big kids like it because there is a box with recorded dvds.and now they can sit on that box and look outside, compliments of the Scallywag Squad! :))

Peggy, my sweet Susie started it the week we moved in. She was used to the lake with no real need for blinds on 2 sides, really and unrestricted view on most windows, so she decided town was no different and opened up a Susie sized hole she could peek out of! ☺☺☺


Only kitties can sit this 'comfortable' can't thy? :-))

You have great blinds especially designed for cats! ☺♥☺


I think I had some blinds by the same designers!

The mini blinds are a joint Scallywag Squad effort, mainly Jet & Colleen, but she has taken her turn. Brother Jamie, really tries to be careful. ))

I saw the blinds first, then TJ. Were the blinds a joint effort, or just TJ's doing?

All of our mini-blinds are pulled up, mostly way up, most of the time. Because of the location of our house and the way we live, we can get by with that. And no more rearranged blinds.

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23 December 2019 - 12 February 2017
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