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Lulu ready for her walk tonight . . .

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There is a story that created the idea for this picture. Lulu and I have been taking our walks again now that the weather is better. The past few nights she has been stalked by a slender black cat who seems to want to be friends. The first night went okay, with the cat following a few feet behind us. Lulu was curious but behaved well. Last night the cat wanted to get up and close, while Lulu wanted to play with her. I ended up getting my knee twisted a bit trying to control Miss Frisky paws and we ended up going back after only making it past 2 houses. She's now wearing protective gear, just in case. (;
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This is perfect. :D

I just read that you're in Pensacola. My uncle lives there, and as children my brother and sister and I summered there often, on the bayou. It must be a much bigger town now. My aunt and uncle, the Krauses, lived next door to the big rich family... um, the Bells? It was a short simple name like that. My uncle taught me to sail a Hobie Cat 10, which is about the size of a door.

My two cats are black and uber-friendly, so they are obviously related to Lulu's friend.


I've been too tired to comment after a trip to go shopping. We did take a walk night before last and didn't see our stalker til halfway down the street. The cat approached again and threw herself on the street right behind us. Lulu was close enough to get her nose within a few inches and they actually touched noses together. forgot to take the phone for pictures just in case. Last night I wasn't up to a walk after mopping floors and doing other household stuff. We will probably go tonight and see what happens, hopefully get a few good shots. (:


Thank you (:

Lulu je super:-)


That desire to pick things up and bring them to you is a massive blessing! My second dog, Blue, adore it when I dropped anything. Saved me a LOT of bending over! Please give Lulu a head scritch from me! :o)


Aww, bless! Hope your knee heals quickly.


Thank you all for commenting. (:

We just got back from our walk and completed it tonight. Oddly, we didn't run into the cat at all. Lulu is such a ham when it comes to pictures, although I doubt she understands what's going on. Maybe it's a treat after and she does love the 'dress up' part if it's for a fun picture. She has also been learning for awhile to pick up dropped items for me, it will be so helpful later on. Yesterday she was sitting beside me and wiggling a bit, when I looked to see what she wanted, there was a pencil held gently in her mouth and she didn't play keep away when I took it, she loves the praise.


Too funny! Lulu is being very good!

Please keep us posted about this budding, but difficult, romance. Love the pic.

Enjoyed your story about Lulu!


Lol, thanks for the puzzle!

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