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Western Diamondback Rattlesnake! (My first encounter.)

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NO.... I did NOT get bit! (LUCKILY) Will pay better attention next time we go to the desert to photograph flowers.
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Agree 100%, Beekay! I have learned a new respect for them now that I've had an encounter.

Thank you Patti!


YIKES! Cool photo, though! Glad you were unharmed!


All of that is ONE snake???? GF that is MUCH too close!


There'd have to be another big boy behind me again to make that run! LOL
Too funny, Robbos!
LOL, ekrueg


Phew!! Re PastorWayne: The western rattlers have maracas while the eastern snakes have tambourines.


A good result all round as far as I'm concerned.....the snake lives as well as the old fart☺

Better still...Richard was out of harms way.


Phew! You are going to develop eyes in the back of your head after this close encounter, GF. You were braver than I would ever have been going back for the shot. Thank goodness you have a strong heart... for an old fart LOL. Is the sub 3 minute mile on your bucket list? ☺


Robbos, 300mm zoom! BUT.... the dang snake was about 18" behind me while I was busy photographing! It started rattling and I had to turn around to see it. I moved pretty fast for an old fart! Once I calmed down, I went back (about 5' or 6' away) and took the photo. I am planning to buy snake gaiters for us tomorrow. They wrap around the the legs, (below the knee) to protect you from snake bites.

Too funny ParsonWayne! (the part about the accent) Glad they didn't see you first!

Ardy, one snake. HUGE! We are going to by snake gaiters to wear next time we go. I was about 5' - 6' away when I went back to take a photo. 300mm zoom lens.

Thank you, Shirley. Yes, scary. I will never forget. Will pay more attention. I know how lucky I am.

Thank you Wanda!

Thank you lela!

foxy, I WAS shaking like a leaf! Ran down the ditch to the car. Rich was inside. All I could do was stand there looking in the open window at him. My heart was pounding! After we talked a bit and I composed myself, I went back up (at a safe distance) to get a photo. Your saddling comment made me laugh out loud.


Sandy, thank goodness you were not bitten. This dude looks so big you could slap a saddle on it's back and gallop to the hospital! Yikes!
Aussie snakes are bad enough (9 out of the 10 most venomous are there) but the rattle on this would scare anyone. Never saw one; happy not to see one... ever!
Tip top photography despite it's proximity. I'd be shaking like a leaf and unable to take a pic!


Great shot - head on!


Big snake! Glad you didn't get too close, Sandy. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Wanda


I hope it is your last encounter you'll have, Sandy, he is so scary, great photo I can see the rattle on the end of his tail.


Sandy, is this all one snake or did you come across a nest? Sure hope you took this with a long lens. Hope you wear high boots when you go out like that. WOW. So glad you are OK.


I have encountered 2 Eastern Diamondback rattlesnakes on the property where I live. They have a slightly different accent from the Western variety.


Hope you had a good lens on your camera to get this shot☺

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