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Exotic birds in Parque das Aves ~ translation Bird Park ~ in Iguazú National Park, Brazil
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  10. valt460:50


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Very pretty bird. Thanks.


Suzy, my friend, thank you for your kind welcome, I am very glad to see you and also very glad that you have found a spare time even during your demanding activities. All people should take your words to heart, nature needs it very much. I am appalled to see what is happening in the Amazon and I hope that the international community will have the strength to change the situation. These beautiful birds must live just like the forests around the Amazon, the lungs of the Earth ♥:))


Lunie and Didi, thank you for your kind visit, I'm glad we met after my little break. The bird is really very handsome and I'm sorry I don't know his name ♥:))


Welcome back, my friend.
Your bird puzzles are a treat to solve. They remind us of the natural beauty that exists and how it is our job to help be caretakers of the earth so such things can continue to survive.


Wow! So pretty Dean!


Val, I'm very glad to see you, thank you. This summer is challenging, I have many breaks. All the more is my pleasure in meeting you. We visited together the park with exotic birds and I am really pleased that you like it ♥:))


Jill, thank you, I'm glad to meet you after my short break. You are right, the shades of blue on the feathers are beautiful. Penetrating view and what I enjoy the most is a light blue "eyebrow" ♥:))


Beachpuzzle, thank you for your visit, you are very welcome. I regret not knowing the name of this pretty bird and hope, like you, that someone will help us ♥:))


Wow so lovely thank you Deanna, love all your birds today ☺♥


What an amazing colour and that eye! Thanks Deanna

It is beautiful! Hope someone can identify it!


Robin, thank you for your kind visit. I've never seen any of these birds, it's the same new thing for me as it is for you. It is obvious that we do not live in the tropics ♥:))


Beautiful birds, but this one is wonderful. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks. :))

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