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Wedge-tailed Shearwaters off Willis Island.

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After leaving Port Douglas we sailed 450km (249 miles) out to Willis Island. Along the way these Wedge-tailed Shearwaters flew beside the ship, and they were fascinating to watch - but difficult to photograph!!
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Thanks Don - these were flying quite low & near the water, just keeping up with the ship! Later that day we actually saw them riding the 'air waves' at the front of the ship - much higher up & really gliding & soaring! They looked like they were on a roller coaster at times - doing big swoops down to about 2 metres from the ocean surface!! That was fantastic to see too!!!


I know just how tough these pictures are! Nicely done. They may simply be surfing the "air" wave the ship creates; it's *big* and moving pretty quickly. The petrels will do the same sort of thing in the Atlantic crossing from Europe. I'm fascinated by the pointed tail - hard to see how it provides a control surface!


Thanks snooker - I won't tell you how many 'deletes' I have of these :))))

Lovely collage, Rob. You did very well with fast subjects. :)


I never realised they were a land bird Dave - we only have them along the coast!!! Interesting!!! Thanks!


We have several different Shearwaters here but this is a new one to me. Thanks Robyn!


Thanks Florrie & Ank - I really enjoyed the challenge!!!


Very beautiful Rob, great photos. Thanks♥


Thanks Barb - it was a lot of fun - even if a bit frustrating when they suddenly veered off my screen!!!!! Or... the ship moved:)))

Thanks Floyd - it's my first time capturing birds on the wing!!!


Great action pictures of the birds.
Thanks you Rob.


Wow Rob, you did a great job capturing those birds...and cropping? I crop almost every picture that I take and even some of the kaleidos too. They are beautiful birds and I can see those pink feet and blue beaks....LOL Quite colorful, I'd say :) Thank you so much for them :)


Thanks Janet & Cathy - I had quite a few 'deletes' & had to crop these:)))


These are new to me!! Your pictures are wonderful !!!! : )))


They are fabulous Rob, you got some great pics too. What beautiful birds. Thanks and hugs, janet


Some were blue songbirdj - and some had pink feet!!! They were great to watch!!! Thanks!

Apparently the ship stirs up sea creatures - but we never saw them swoop on anything Laura - they just seemed to enjoy flying beside the ship!!! Later on we watched them glide the thermals up near the bow of the ship and that was just plain fascinating to watch!!!

I did too els2 - and I'm pretty chuffed that I did :))))) Thanks!!!

Thanks Patti - and it was a bit cool & very windy:))))


Very cool!


But you got them! Thanks...from dry Arizona.


I wonder why they follow the handouts, maybe?


Are their beaks really blue?

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