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During my walk

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NL is the flower country. There are very many flowers growers. Many flowers grow only for the flower bulbs. When they start to flower, they cut the flower, so the bulb will grow. They use that flowers. There are many of that shows. And indeed it's beautiful. A village or city with such a show always make much work of it. People work months for it.


Oh, thanks so very much Ank!! But do they have shows like THAT in many places??? Where do they get all the flowers??


Maybe I have to say that Zundert is the name of a city.


Hi Hanne, yes I looked at it Yesterday. It's beautiful, but as I said there are many places where they have it. I'll show you.
Elina hier kunnen zij zich echt uitleven. Kinderen mogen blij zijn in deze buurt op te groeien.


This homepage was Bloemencorso That's what Bent said, anyway!! It was HUUUUUGE, I've never seen anything like it!!


Leuk he zoiets voor de kinderen, Buiten spelen is voor hen, zo belangerijk.
Hier kunnen zij zich helemaal uit leven!


Hi friends we are almost home, but don't be afraid the first years I will not run out of photos. lol
You see very many childeren with skateboards, they even are going to school with it. Pity they did not have that things when we were young.
Hanne there are many flower parades (bloemencorso's) in NL. They make beautiful floats with representations made of flowers. I did make a note. I will find photos to make puzzles.


Love it beautiful view....!!!!


You have been showing us a wonderful walk. Thanks Ank.


Kids love their skateboards. How nice to have a place for them. I probably would have had one if they had existed when I was that young. Not interested now. LOL Thanks, Ank.


You have got so charming and beautiful surroundings Ank, it has been such a pleasure to walk with you!! I have a question for you: just saw pictures from something called Bloemencorso Zundert - I guess you know about it, don't you?? Thanks so very much!!


This photo is from September 22. Then I made a walk with my camera and every day I post a photo of this walk. A few times there was a little map to the picture.
Now we are almost home. We have had very much rain this year, so everything is (still) green. Because it's so wet we don't have many Fall colors.


So green yet.


Play ground for the kids

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