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Fact: Your brain synapses shrink while you sleep

A 2003 study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Sleep and Consciousness was done on mice to observe what happens to our brains while we sleep. Dr. Chiara Cirelli and Dr. Giulio Tononi found an 18 percent decrease in the size of synapses after a few hours of sleep. Don’t worry, though, your brain shrinking at night actally helps your cognitive abilities.


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Thanks everyone for all the great comments ..


Thank you Jigfanatic, I'll try that!


I remembered our lesson on this in our Psychology class, an introduction to the subject actually. Thanks Pat.


I'm a 24/7 caregiver, and my patient gives instructions to do things. I forget what my patient says as soon as I leave the room, and have to ask again. Especially bad in the morning when I'm only half awake.


@porgy, you might need a big pot of the strongest coffee you can make, then no more spoons in the trash.


Decided not to worry about this. lol. Mine has been doing what ti does for 84 years and I'm still functioning - or think I am. ☺ Thanks, Pat. Hugs.


Hmm, I can only hope they are correct Pat! Thanks.


LOL, I believe the shrinking at night part not so sure mine bounces back the next day, Thanks, Pat.


jimez It only shrinks at night then bounces back in the daytime .. I think .. :-)))


My brain isn't the only thing shrinking. :(


Robbie that is something I would do .. :-)))


My brain is shrinking rapidly PK, I threw my spoon in the garbage instead of tea bag this morning!