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Unicorns Three (Small)

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©2020 Kyrin Original Image.
I made this especially for Wendy, a fellow Jigidi friend to so many here, who sadly passed away on 24 Feb. 2020. Digital art is my passion and I had always intended to make/dedicate a scene to this lovely lady. Well, when I read the sad news on a Memorial Puzzle to Wendy, I knew that I HAD to make this, a scene which, I believe, best describes one of Wendy's loves - Unicorns. As her Jigidi name says, Unicorn3, it seemed appropriate to have three unicorns here.
So, from me, Wendy, please accept this picture as a Gift to you - from the heart.
I also wish to share this on behalf of your many, many friends here, who I'm sure would like being included with it. So from us, to you, Dear Wendy, we THANK YOU for being such a wonderful friend to us all. Your joy filled our days with the funny, interesting and sweet puzzles you created for us. Please feel our loving hugs around you. Be in peace in Heaven. Amen XO

(for Jigidi re copyright)
I confirm that I made this digital image from a combination of my own photographs and copyright-free internet pictures. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it [may] appears.
Original background © Copyright Tom Courtney:
Pic located:

This puzzle can be searched under Unicorns_Three or UnicornsThree

Available sizes: 12, 63, 154, 266, 374 & 540
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You are already tagged there my Love xo

540, of course, lovely ...Sherry :)))


Hi Kyrin, hope all's well with you & your family. We're enduring all right; son did well on 2nd-to-last final exam on Wednesday, not running out of hand soap; and still praying for Boris Johnson, the UK, New York state & the world in general.

You'll have thoughts for Wendy aplenty.
What a relief to hear your Dad's out of danger! Though back home will be even more so.


Thanks mate xo
Only remove them if you wish; the Ex. Small and Small will get published, but comments for Wendy are encouraged, so keep them there if you're happy with them :) )


Thank you Rob, I appreciate your feedback. It certainly was hard work to get it right and I put everything else in life on hold just to get this made as quickly as possible (except for getting my Dad to hospital; we feared it may have been that dreaded virus, but thankfully not: an acute asthma attack and a serious blood infection. All going well, he's back home soon!).

I would've had this picture made a lot sooner, only I first heard of Wendy's passing about 4 or 5 days ago. Better yet, I'd have made it while she was still with us!

Anyway, yes this is exactly the same as the Ex. Small in which you've given a comment. Thank you again XO

I do hope that everyone who knew her here gets to share in this puzzle and share their thoughts for her too XO



The finished puzzle, ready for publishing... @robf xoxo

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts for Wendy in the puzzle, and tag friends you know who knew her and might like to share in this too XOXO

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