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Bonga Bonga News Alert - Frog mistakes S.L.O.G....

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And what have we here?....Is this your attempt at humour, 'messenger'-with-a-letter?.......I shall look on your intentions with benevolence, as in this case, SLOG probably stands for senile-looking-old-gentlelady....which is undoubtedly not me......otherwise........
(my nose ring is actually shaped like a horseshoe).....


Are we certain S.L.O.G. doesn't just have a nose ring shaped like a fishing fly?


3000+ pieces a day is a LOT of solving! There's a new kid in town, I guess.....!


PD - stuff happens....Don't blame the messenger (with a letter)....

OMG - another Franc!#%&


I wondered who this nfourni was, never having seen that profile. Check it out--amazing stats!

And granny is gonna whup your a** for implying she has a hairy wart, Jon!

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