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Jigidi Kitty Clan Day of Remembrance

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The West Texas Kitten Kids are hosting one of our virtual parties ... this time on September 4th the first anniversary of loosing our @Impie special boy Goofie and also to remember & celebrate our special @soo, Sue O'Rorke. If you have not seen tisketsmum's puzzle of soo I invite you to solve this wonderful puzzle.
So, calling all Jigidi Kitty Friends, come celebrate together, console each other, and to hear my kids talking maybe, just maybe Milly & Willow will sneak off for a little bit & join the celebration.
They say they are looking forward to seeing all their friends.
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Thank you, Betty.


Izzie, George and Mona are gone but not forgotten.

Oh niccolinio59, we all have been even now. remember her and continue to love doing her puzzles. Love to you. Betty


Thank you, babray. I have just learned of Soo's passing so am too upset to type much, but I thank you for this. x Nicco x

canoekaw, that is a wonderful idea, I think I'll join you! ☺♥☺♥


A lovely celebration of life and the lives of our jigidi friends both human and fur baby. I agree with everything everyone has written. I can say no more except to borrow some champagne from Ank and toast all our dear friends.


I remember getting "hooked" on Goofie puzzles. They were fun and always told a most interesting story. Then I discovered all the "friends of Goofie" once I figured out the comment thing. It was a wonderful day to meet you all and to enter into this wonderful group of friends. Of course, through this involvement came my following of the antics of Milly and Willow, two wonderful felines. I was intrigued by the amount of concern Milly seemed to show for her baby sister, clearly a good sign of the loving atmosphere Sue had created for her fur babies, and others.

The daily postings of Sue and Impie became the highlight of my life in retirement. Having been a classroom teacher (K through PhD) for 50 years I was used to a busy interpersonal life and here I have been able to enjoy that without the competitive rancor of university life. I most loved those puzzles that showed what Milly and Willow could do on their lovely indoor cat tree, a gift any kitties would love.

We all have been so fortunate to enter into this wonderful form of communication that can show our favorite scenes as well as allow us to develop friendship through talk....something I'm sure women and some men have enjoyed doing for millenia. Impie, you have been a model of how to communicate in this genre, with the help of Goofie's wonderful garden walks, and the routine of his daily life. Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful, if time consuming, moments.

Sue and her girls also seemed to reach through the computer screen to grab our minds and hearts. Sweet, caring, lively, laughing, and loving, Sue show through her "doing for" Milly and Willow, her generosity of heart. Her stories of life on the Isle of Man, a place I've always thought of as an enviable life, were enchanting too.

I want to celebrate both Sue and Impie, Goofie, Milly and Willow. They became and remain important people in my heart. I celebrate the existence of all of you I've met through Jigidi. This is a very special place and you all have helped create and even most special space where love of friends, celebration and sadness, daily grinds and individual achievements can and have been portrayed....small lessons in living well. Blessings.


I remember seeing Milly try to climb the Christmas tree in her house and I suggested to soo that she consider buying a cat tree for her, because when the holidays were over and the Christmas tree came down, Milly might like to have one to climb. And then, when Willow joined their household, that became even better an idea. I helped soo find a cat tree that would work in her home and from a company that would deliver.

And then came the excitement of the day the cat tree arrived and we got a chance to see how Milly and Willow came to love it and make it their own. I felt as though I was there and a part of the celebration!

Goofie was a part of our homes and families, just as if he belonged to each of us. Every day I came here to see what Goofie was doing that day and what joy he would be adding to our lives. And if his puzzle wasn't up, I worried along with everyone else, wondering why he might be late or absent that day. And then finally Impie would explain what they had been doing to make her late with Impie's puzzle.

And so we looked forward to our every day with Impie and Goofie until last year at this time, when most of us intuitively knew that Goofie was simply not going to be with us any longer. While we understood why he had to leave us, the tears still washed over us because we knew we would miss him terribly. And to this day, we still do. He is loved by all and missed by all and always will remain a meaningful part of our lives; The special kitty that belonged to each of us.

Pam, I completely agree, the 4th is not here "yet"in West Texas but the worldwide celebration of these 2 WONDERFUL LIVES that have touched so many has begun!
I look at Sue's picture with a lump in my throat and a HUGE smile om my face seeing her write the warm and funny, welcoming comments to us all. I can see Impie watching er boy, Goofie, look for Luna, Mr. Pigeon, Milly & his catnip.
YES! It is a day to smile, even through the tears and to remember the good both these souls have done.
They made us ALL Friends from every corner of the world! THAT IS A BIG FEAT! ☺♥☺♥☺♥


Good morning Jigidiers. Let us make today, Tuesday, 4 September 2018, the day we celebrate the life of Sue O'Rorke rather than keep beating ourselves up over her untimely passing. Think of the smiles and grins she brought to our faces when Willow scaled the canes in the garden and once more dug up the pea plants that I'm certain Sue only planted for Willow's enjoyment and boy! did that little girl have fun.

Remember darling Milly doing her garden patrols in all weather and also looking after the neighbour's garden when she was away. Picture Milly in her cuddle cup which she absolutely made her own. I can almost hear her saying "Sorry Willow but this one is 100% mine".

Let us not forget dear little Molly, such a brave little girl who fought back after a stroke and filled our hearts with delight. I can still see Sue's delight when Molly was well enough to sit on the garden table to soak up the lovely warm sunshine.

Last but by no means least, let us collectively remember with absolute delight, the wonderful antics of our greatly loved Goofie who went to the Rainbow Bridge one year ago on this date. Thank you, Impie, for brightening our lives daily with your boy's never-ending adventures.
We are all, both humans and kitties, so very lucky to have had the pleasure to get to know Sue and her furry family and to have shared wonderful moments with Goofie, thanks to his loving Mum, Impie.

Love to all on this special day........ Pam....... 8.30 am Tuesday 4/9/2018

Jigidiers and kitty kids, have a wonderful day with the West Texas Kids and thank you Betty for making this day possible.

Looking forward to it, Pammi!


Betty, what a wonderful way to honour the memory of our dear friend, Sue. I would be more than happy to join with all her Jigidi friends on Tuesday to pay tribute to this lady who had such a beautiful heart. ♥♥♥

Good! Can't wait to see you nillie!


Thanks, I will be there♥

Agree, see you then! ☺♥☺♥


This is a wonderful idea. I think we all could use virtual hugs and it will be wonderful to pay tribute to the grand kitty ambassador, Goofie, and Sue. We'll need lots of tissue! ♥♥

Anne & Atsutsa, great news!
Tisket & Tisketsmum, we can't wait! The West Texas Kids
Yea, Impie!!!
Mrs. Q_E that is wonderful, a real gathering of remembrance.
Gemstone, even from 32,000 feet, I'll be you can get there... think Peter Pan!!! ☺♥☺♥☺


We'll be flying a matter of fact, at 32,000 feet...but if I can't check in on the day, I'm sure Impie will tell me all about the smiles and laughter...and the tears...shared by everyone in memory of two irreplaceable sweethearts who, despite their absence, still reside in our hearts. ❤️❤️


babray - what a great idea you have for hugs, tears and remembering our dear Jigidi friends - Little Bit & Reese's and Mrs. Quinn will be their.


I hope more will see your invite for our gathering, Betty.....I'll be there....we all need a virtual hug! ♥


We'll be there, virtually anyway. Love Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Lovely tribute and great idea....I'll be there. Anne and Atsutsa

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