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Sad but True...

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Roughly once a week this year[2015], on average, a small child [in the USA] has found a gun, pointed it at himself or someone else, and pulled the trigger....
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@MickL The best I can figure is that the "sanctity of life" ends once the baby's out of the womb. Otherwise, things would be very different.

@PaulL : you ask, "How many more kids need to die..."
It would appear that that legislators, profit-mongers, and apparently, a large proportion of the electorate who vote in members of the pro-gun lobby only pay lip-service to these youngsters, their families, their friends.
This month ALONE, there have been 123 people injured or killed in mass shootings (seems to be defined as four or more people actually injured or killed, so the number is probably far higher) across the US of A. (
And yet legislators keep on ignoring these stats.

If someone could explain why this is allowed to flourish in a country which often declares itself the most advanced civilization in the world, I would be grateful to hear it.

The fear mongering crazies are in the last count business people and I hesitate to even call them that People I mean.


The NRA has, for many years, now been in the pay of the gun manufacturers. One of the reasons that the gun manufacturers oppose the banning of assault weapons, for example, is that their civilian customers will pay far more for them than any military will, and they are repeat customers. I asked a gun-shop employee once what the appeal of assault weapons was, and he said that it made a particular part of his anatomy feel three feet long.

It was sad but true that, during the time I worked there, every time there was a shooting, such as the one at that school in Newtown, Connecticut, sales of ammunition and magazines would go through the roof, just in case there were more regulations passed. How many more kids need to die, I wonder, before society takes action? Surely this is not what the Constitution means by "a well-regulated militia."

The question is, Why did it start? The American psyche (with many many exceptions, I'm sure) has become inured to violence. Plus, of course, the lobbying power of the NRA and all those who make billions of dollars in profit from selling these killing toys to basically whoever wants them.

This is a puzzle that I just couldn't do. Do you remember the Time edition that from cover to cover each page was only pictures of children killed with handguns. 30 to 50 a page. No ads nothing but children. Handguns were designed for one purpose only; for human beings to kill other human beings. How can we live with this? How do we stop it?

..and this is one of the results :-(

Still no gun control

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