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2/28/23 very fine just keeps coming.

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Really beautiful but not so sure I'd want to live in it.


@pumpkinhead @KittyCounselor 3 pm here. mid 30s, still snowing a little. about 12" of new snow. waiting on the plowman. it is heavy snow.


8 inches. It's very heavy. Thankfully our neighbor clears out our driveway for us. Just moving what was on and around the car was a workout. If I were younger, it would be great for making a HUGE snowman!!!

(same neighbor taps our tree when he taps his, and shares the bounty of real maple syrup). :)))


@KittyCounselor that sounds delicious! real maple syrup for me. :))


Get out the syrup; it's time for a huge sno-cone party. Make mine cherry.


noooo!....bad word, bad word.... yes, i'm ready, how about you?


Ready for the snow tonight and tomorrow?


Gosh, Penny! That's a lot of snow! More than we've gotten here at one time. I hope you can stay home, warm and safe. And get some help clearing whatever snow is priority. ~Patsy

You need a garage!


Beautiful! I can't even imagine. I'm sitting here sweating with 3 fans blowing on me. I'd love to come dive into that.




Yes ,I've seen times when the fine snow piled up a lot faster than the big flakes.


That indeed is 'serieus snow!'


Looks like you have more than we do, Penny. I think we had about 7 inches. Looks like you have closer to 10-12.
A good day to stay inside!!! :)) 🤗


Oh Brrrrrrrr, Mauismom! Keep warm!


You should draw a face on that car. His little ears are sticking out and it reminds me of Shrek. :)))
The snow looks lovely, but I'm sitting here with 82 degrees outside, so what do I know? TFS

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