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Now it was removed, and I hope it doesn't affect my "manly" good looks!
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  1. PaxLab1:41
  2. Carol662:32
  3. zhaba472:56
  4. mble1119113:03
  5. shannydog273:07
  6. minikratt3:32
  7. dustydog3:42
  8. Irish673:51
  9. laurelw4:21


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Oh, merrie! You DO know my dog! LOL!


LOL! Enjoying all these posts!

A born (aka made-up) hero!! "Dusty, Dusty, he's our pup, what he doesn't do he just makes up." :-)
Thanks for the rest of the story.


merrie? the "rest-of-the-story? After he got done beating up the HUGE other dog, I took him in for the stitches? And I heard him tell the (lady) vet he didn't need anything before stitching! After she got done with what she could do, he kissed her! What a dog!

Dusty ( who swears this story is true!)
I, his Mom, thinks he's a liar.

Dusty, you are a dog after my own heart...if you are going to make up a story--make it a whopper!!


I'm thinking that while we are on our walks, he's gonna use this "look", to scare the big dogs! I overheard him talking to the dog next door, and he was telling him that the "other dog" looked much worse! Such a story teller! (LOL)

So glad Dusty is doing well after his ordeal. Tell him that "chicks dig scars" so he can wear his with honor and his usual swagger. lol It will surely get him lots more attention when you go for walks. Have a good night.


Tell Dusty it doesn't affect his good looks. He is very handsome and looks so sweet. Glad he (and you, I am sure) are feeling better about the ordeal.


His pain meds make him pretty sleepy....but he's doing very well today.


Glad you saw the cyst before it got any bigger. Tell Dusty he looks more manly than ever. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Payton says to tell you, he is so proud of you and glad to see you are keeping your chin up after surgery and traumatic day yesterday!

Wishing Dusty a speedy recovery!


Hard to believe that little, tiny cyst could merit this many stitches. Luckily it was benign, and all should heal well. Thanks!


Glad it came off well. Dusty will likely be happy in the balance for all the extra attention! Will have to come back later to tackle Dusty "the puzzle". Heal quickly.


He is getting lots of snuggle time, and a bit of spoiling! Thank you, for the good wishes!
Dusty : )

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