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Pulled Feather Art Glass!! ~ Small

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WOW! You are way cleverer than me with pixlr. All I know how to do it to use the marque function to select my kaleido, and then the paint bucket to recolour the black background. I've had a look at the filters too, but I don't think they are very exciting. I think the sumo ones are more exciting. And the pixlr kaleido one is just plain weird!

I'm so glad that you feel the same way about us all having our own look. Whew. I must admit that I felt a little crestfallen when I saw that you had created the same type of border! And maybe that came through in my comment? It was the last thing I did before I went to bed, so I may not have been as ebullient as I would have otherwise. Sowwy.

I love that you love figuring out stuff. I did too when I first got started as well. All I knew is that I loved kaleido collage puzzles, but didn't have any software to make them with. So I spent weeks researching and finding tools that would help me do it, without having to buy software. I didn't want to pay for software when I didn't know how long I would be in it for. And some of the stuff I use, I found along the way. Like pixlr, when I decided that I wanted to start recolouring the black backgrounds. Anyhoo blah blah, blah.

And you know if we're playing one-up-man-ship in the banter, you will definitely win. Like I keep saying, I'm not THAT funny! And I can't keep it going for a long time. Now Gail is funny. You should have seen the banter between her, and someone called spammenot. Or, as Gail used to call her Spambelina, Spamby Pamby, Spamelicious, Spammer, Spamster and I can't remember what else. Now THAT was funny.

But I'm happy to play! :-DDD Speaking of which, it's time for me to go and check out your puzzles. 'Cos I've been out for most of the afternoon. I got an extra day in the apartment, and Duncan has come down. We went for a big walk, and lunch, and a sit on the beach this afternoon. So I haven't seen anything that's been posted in the last 6 hours or so. Off I go!


Just wanted to let you know that the puzzle I sent you wasn't done with any framing app. It's just a collage I put together on pixlr. I love to tease you about your frames and wanting to k now how you did it. But I don't want to make puzzles that look like yours. I'm with you in that we should all have our own look. It makes things more interesting. But that doesn't mean I won't try and figure out how you do it! LOL I love a mystery and a challenge. If I do figure it out, I'll let you know, but I won't use it. There's no competition between us in puzzle making...just in banter and who can one up the other...BRAT!!! LOL

Regards from TICA!!!


I'm so glad you found it a delight, PJ. :)))


Lovingly lovely - a delight to solve, Kirsten.


Gosh, thanks leet! I personally am pretty fond of black, but can take little credit for how it turned out. It's all down to the original image, and the magic of the kaleido-maker!! But I'm awfully glad you like it. :)))


Indeed I was, Hester. But now I'm up again, but only here for a short moment. It's early Sunday morning here, and I work on Sundays, for some friends who sell flowers at a market. So I only have a few moments for quick replies, before I hurl myself in the shower, and then out the door. I'm glad BB is OK, and just a little OD'd on adrenalin. I'm a bit worried about our Jigidi friends who are living in its path though.

Oh yeah. And I'm glad you enjoyed my puzzle. :)))

And oh yeah again, I hope the detox is going well. :)))

My favorite is the lower right. It is difficult to make black attractive and you have succeeded!


Hi Kirsten. Thanks for this bright beauty! I guess you are off to bed now. I'm just waiting to welcome home my BB who has just flown back from Cuba. He caught the end of the storm when he flew in there Thursday night Friday morning my time. I truly sympathise with those in the States who will be hit with it soon. It was the worst flight he's ever done and I think he's pretty familiar with the colour of adrenaline now!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :-)


Ah. Same symbol as mine, Ardy. But different name and location. And I should check out a different browser. I love the idea of a spell checker. I can spell. But am a crappy typist. So there is always something to correct before I hit "post comment". It really slows me down. Grrrr. LOL


My "reload this page" button is on the left of my screen and is a black 3/4 of a circle arrow going clockwise. I'm on Google Chrome. When it works it's much faster than Internet Explorer and it has spell check. I promise to quit now. Thanks for the hugs.


Time for another coffee, eh Barb? :-DDD


Top right Ardy? I'm very surprised. But guess what! You'll have to share it with Barb! Good point re the spider! I didn't think of the space. And I just got done letting June know that you saw spiders in her kaleido puzzle, when I looked at her others puzzles. Ohhhhhhh. Now I get it! LOL.

I'm glad you have someone staying with you. It's always easier to go through a difficult time with someone else. Not that Fluffy wouldn't be good company, just somewhat less practical help.

I hope you found the refresh button OK - and thanks to Gail for describing what it looks like in IE8 and below. More of that fabulous help!

Have a great day, and here's your Saturday morning hugs - ((HUGS))


I'm so silly, of course in the western US and Canada! I'm a little slow this morning. :-)


Oh, Kirsten, look. Barb came over here and beat me by 2 seconds. But it was fun while it lasted. LOL It means I get to slide all the way down the slippery slope. I forgot to mention a favorite. You know where it is but I'm adding the top right to the middle left. I also forgot to say Thank you for the fun you installed in this puzzle.

So spiders lose legs. Hmmm But since there is no space for a missing leg this could not be a spider. And I don't like them much better than Duncan does.

I'm actually not alone this weekend. One of my bell ringers is celebrating her 21st birthday so her Mum drove here from Ohio and is staying with me. Basically she's here just at night but if the storm is as bad as they predict she'll be here longer than planned. That's OK. She's nice company. She stayed with me last spring for a weekend. Besides I have Fluffy!

I think I saw Gail's comment. At least I read more than one comment about mice. I noticed at the office supply store where I bought the new one that they call them Mice. OK I'll stop. Love talking with you. Night night. ((HUGS))


In Portland, Oregon, where Gail lives. Isn't she a naughty one?


Such a good idea about the message board, Kirsten.
And where on earth is it 3:30am in the morning?? I checked Australia and NZ and it's not in either of those places. :-)


Oh, Barb - you stay safe too. We so need a notice board at Jigidi where people can leave messages, like "I'm okay". Times like this, I would really like one.


I hope you enjoy it, Gail. And with the aid of my Personal World Clock I can see it's 3:30 am there!! My goodness, you are a night owl.

Sleep well, my friend. :))))


Kirsten, I must get some sleep now, so this will be bookmarked for tomorrow. Something to look forward to. Yippee! Nighty-night.


Ardy, the refresh button in my Internet Explorer is at the top of my menu bars at the top of your screen, towards the right. There are two up and down green arrows. If you click on that, it refreshes your screen to the current moment.


Oh, Ardy, you're in fine fettle this morning! I'm really happy with this little baby too. Glass is such a fun thing to kaleido. I love how clear it came out. Sorry about the spider scare. And I like your litmus test for spiders. You know they occasionally lose legs. Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that. LOL. And I just finished June's large, and didn't notice the spiders. I'll have to go back and have a look. And you know what? I did see your owls in the top right corner of Junes puzzle from yesterday, but decided to leave them for you. LOL

The refresh button, in my web browser, (which is Internet Explorer), is the circular arrow in the right hand corner of the address bar. And the shortcut for it is F5. If you can't find it, I'll see if I can find a screen shot for you.

And you have taken the question right out of my mouth, re the storm. I was wondering how you are situated in relation to it. It sounds very scary. I Do you have everything you need? And would it be better to be with Cheerie Lou, or someone else? I will be wishing very hard that it does trundle out to sea, and away from any populated areas. And wishing very hard that you remain safe.

Lastly, did you see my comment about seeing you at number one. As I type this reply, the puzzle has been solved 12 times, and you're still number one!

Oops, not the last thing. One more. Gail left you a comment on yesterday's small puzzle about mouses. Mice. Mices. Whatever they are. LOL.

Please stay safe.


I already commented on the 81 piece set but wanted to wish Ardy well during the upcoming storm or as you say, Frankenstorm which is forecast to hit the eastern area of the US as well as Canada. With the conditions that you've mentioned they are saying it could even have an effect on our weather (I'm in Toronto - southern Ontario). I know we are expecting rain starting today and well into next week. So, good luck to us both as well as all those who may be effected.


Good evening, Kirsten. I woke up about 5 here. I was trolling around Jigidi when what to my wondering eyes should appear but your puzzles. Yea. Love these bright colors and can tell I'll probably be back for a larger one before the day is over. Middle right in the solved size has stars all around the center and made my think of a lovely night sky. The bottom right in the solve size looks like a cross-eyed creature. At first I thought it was a spider but then counted seven appendages. Whew, There are enough spiders at June's this morning. Speaking of June, I liked your blue faced purple hatted creatures there yesterday. I found some owls in her upper right as well. You did good!!!

I was reading your comment on yesterday's orange puzzle about using the refresh button to answer multiple comments. Where is it? I've checked out everything I can see on my screen but don't find it.

In case I disappear over this weekend and early next week, there is a huge storm in the forecast. It's being called a Frankenstorm. There's one storm coming from the west, a cold front coming down from Canada, and a hurricane coming up the east coast. All meeting in and about the area where several of us are. We may get 5-6 inches of rain from Sun.-Tues. with high winds which can bring down power lines etc. Just assume I lost power. If you have any influence on Mother Nature have her send it out to sea and away from people. Thanks.

I think that's all I had listed to tell you for now. I do wish for you a good night with sweet dreams. The loving wishes are sent with equally loving hugs. ((HUGS))


I see you Ardy! You're number one! Yippee!!

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