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Skagen house, Denmark, by Mathias Liebing

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Sounds wonderful Sue! :-)))


Coffee and cake and comfy chairs in the garden Kari...Sue

Thanks Joyce and Quilt! I never thought about Lego myself, but now when you mentioned it you might have a point.... LOL. I would say it's the surrounding wall that's most lego-like. Considering Lego was founded in Denmark, either the house builder or the lego maker might have taken inspiration from the other :-)))). And Quilt, as you say, the wall is good for not having to get unwelcome presents... LOL.

Thanks 48! It's fun to be back and all is just fine at my end. I hope you have a great time traveling and take a lot of pictures for puzzles. "See" you when you get back 48! :-))

Hi Sue, I'm so glad you like this. I like it too - it doesn't matter that Joyce call it a Lego house.... LOL... - it's a very cheerful and welcoming house. I'll be right over when your settled... haha. Thanks Sue! :-))


This is my all time favourite Kari. Love the colouring, the blue planters and matching garden chairs. Yep I'm moving in asap. Cheers...Sue


Having to bookmark all puzzles for later Kari - am travelling the next few weeks and look forward to getting home and having the time to enjoy solving everything I'm missing. Welcome back - so very nice to see you posting again. Hope all is wonderful with you and yours!


Nice house. I like the wall around it--give you privacy and no puppies making "deposits" on your lawn or sidewalk. I know, I know, the bag is in their pocket. Right! Anyway, I think the color is what reminds you of legos but also the way the top of the wall makes little peaks. Great puzzle even though it took me 6:38 to do--still enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


Fun puzzle to solve!!! I don't know how to put this, but this house & wall reminds me of ''Lego's''! Thanks again Kari!!! :)))))))))))
(time, 5:51)

LOL... no need to say sorry Graciela - I probably do the same sometimes. I just thought it was a bit funny. :-)))


Sorry Kari!! I am loosing my mind!!! LOL!

Thanks Graciela....... even though I'm not 48.... LOL


Cool house and beautiful roof!! thanks 48