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The Sentinel

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  1. Toulouse25:02
  2. annebarke5:05
  3. jostje5:12
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Great photo, Jean! Someone asked about the male cats tending to young 'uns . . . I had a big male house/family member (Coon mix named Gus) that tried so hard to teach a much younger male house/family member (BK) how to 'finish off' a live limping mouse. He'd bring the crippled little thing right up to the 'kid's front posed feet and drop it. Then he'd wait and watch, and as the mouse would drag itself a few inches away, he'd pick it up and put it right back. Young 'un was completely non-plus. Old guy was so patient - to no avail. I watched that interaction a few times--so interesting. Watching the tiny little fur ball suffer would really get to me, tho.

BTW, miss you and your lovely puzzles with catchy titles. :-)) Hope all is okay and you'll join us soon.


Hi Jean,
Hoping this finds you safe and well
Look forward to your Dramatic Re-entry.
A lot of us are missing you.
Luv John


Hey Jean
Here's hopping Your Sentinel is looking out for you and keeping you safe and well.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Love and best wishes



Hello Jean @myself1935 your profile says you were last seen May 2 2021, I do hope you are well now, I believe you have been ill. All the best dear Jean, prayers for better health for you. Hugs Fay.💐 🌹

Where are you?? Inquiring minds want to know!! Hope you are vacationing and not under the weather. Bev. 5-6-21....1:46pm


Thank you



On a couple of occasions I have seen a male cat bring kittens to our porch to eat without their mother, but just living in our alley is not a natural way of life. Most alley cat fathers are a one night stand, but sometimes the father could be one of her previous kittens and they still live with her. Around here there are mostly abandoned, left behind cats, not wild, they don’t know what happened or why they can’t live in a house anymore. Which is why I have so many!


I say that because Timmy called her a girl in the show, but Lassie really was a boy!


Only if it's Lassie...I think! ha, ha


Actually so am l- Does a male dog bring food to the female nursing their young?


Don't know a lot about cats info. I'm a dog person.


Do male cats feed their family? l believe they impregnate and vamoose- am l wrong?


Yep, maybe has mouths to feed!


l am sure this one is a mouser who gives gifts, Helen-

He does seem to lead a great life, Odette- l agree-


Wow, a life cats dream of!


Rodents beware of kitty! Kitty looks like quite a good mouser! Love this one, Jean! We had a female who was quite talented. And she shared so well, ugh; I would wake up some mornings to a drenched, dead mouse at the foot of the bed. She would be so proud! And I always praised her for her "gift."


Hello jonbee- glad to bring up happy memories-

He must be alert to all trespassers- animal and otherwise- No way would l want to cross him, DJ-


All vermin be alarmed. The watchcat is at his post!!! *lol* dj


Oh I LOVE this one - we had a pair of feral cats (littermates), they were these gray and white cats. We had them "fixed" - Harold lived to be 16, Hattie 17. This Sentinel looks almost like a twin of Harold! Happy memories of those two... Thank you!


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