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Collage of my Gazanias

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Posting my Gazanias made me look for old photos of our Gazania in the past, so I searched in my old digital photo file, which was a bit time consuming as before 2016 my files were a mess! ☺☺ But it was fun browsing through them and I found some photos of our Gazanias we had in 2013, 2014 and 2015. After the bloom we used to discard them as we had no idea that they're biennial plants and in good winter weather conditions even perennial.
I hope you'll enjoy this collage of my old photos.☺
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  1. liertje19782:59
  2. calluna3:16
  3. Impie3:55
  5. nanlein3:58
  6. susieQ524:00
  7. jimbos4:10
  8. babray4:14
  9. EllaMB4:18
  10. canalview5:40


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Aww, what a shame, Ella. Hopefully better luck next time :))

Thank you so much, GG. I'm glad you enjoy my collages and thank you for always solving my puzzles. I really appreciate that♥
It's fun to go through those old photos and then look in my puzzle pages whether I have posted it around the dates the photos are...but then I'll also see my old puzzles and start reading the comments (especially those at Goofie's puzzles)☺☺....what a fun time that used to be! ♥☺♥


Wow, what another beautiful collage, Impie! They may be old photos, but the flowers look so lovely! Thank you so much for looking through your many files to find these beauties for us!


No, I'm pretty sure these were gonners! There were no seedlings to be found, just dead plants!


Yeah, Pammi, thanks. I'm gonna search for more Gazania photos, I know I have them, but it just takes time to find them. I wish I had them more organized like I do since 2016! ☺♥☺


Wow, a great assortment of colours here, Impie. Every one of these is a beauty in its own right. ♥♥♥♥


Yeah, Faye, thanks. My favourite here is the red one bottom middle! ♥♥♥

Glad you're back home safe! ♥


They are certainly eye-catching! Love the oranges! ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you, nillie. Glad you like my collection! None of these are survivors of the ones I have today. Some look similar to them, but 'in the old days' we have discard them after the bloom. I know to do better now!;-))
Thank you and a nice Sunday to you, too.♡♡


Bautiful colloection and lovely design! If I am not mistaken part of these flowers are "survivers" plants:-)) Thanks Impie, and have a nice Sunday♥♥


Thank you so much, Betty!;)

Beautiful collage, Impie!


Thank you, Ella. Are you sure there aren't some seedlings left which you can replant? Liertje did a great job in my pergola planter and a planter in the back. The seedlings have become nice young plants with a couple of buds and also blooms!
You could also try dig them out carefully, 'tease the roots' a bit and give them new soil and/or a bigger pot, they'll thank you for it! ☺♥☺


That's a very nice variety, Impie! Some of mine have died out and I'll need to replace them.


Thanks, Nancy. I'm glad you enjoy my collage. If I can find my other old Gazania photos, I'll see if I can create another one! :-)


Lovely collage, Impie. Such fun seeing the different colors/patterns side by side. Thank you for making it! :-)) Didn't know they were in the sunflower family, but I can see the resemblance now that I'm looking for it. I think it is more obvious in some heart/petal combinations than in others, but they're all pretty.


Aw, thank you, lurdo. I'll be searching further in my 'messy' files, because I know we had more and other varieties as well!☺♥

Thank you, Anne. Gazanias are family of the Sunflower and it shows, doesn't it? :)
P.S. you're right, it's a bit of a challenge to solve☺

Thank you, Nan. I'm glad you enjoyed them all. If and when I'll find the other old Gazania photos, I'll create another collage of them too! :)


This was quite the tricky solve - so much beauty with some similar colors.


it's amazing to see so many variations next to each other. Brava, Impie!


That's an amazing array. Such beauty to lighten up and brighten up your day!

Of course thar I enjot your beautiful Gazanias they look awesome.

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