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Iguess Tilapia DOES taste like chicken.

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just when you thought you got out.... they pull you back in...


You're damned right about that.


Make sure you have a return ticket, and check to make sure the borders are open first.


John, I would like to visit your dimension some time.


Every now and then, you need a salad.


Meanwhile, their toilet paper aisle is labeled "Fresh Produce."


Bacon tastes like, well, bacon. tilapia, tastes like chicken, as does cod, apparently.


Bacon throws a right cross that barely misses Tilapia's fin. Tilapia counter punches with a blow to the pork belly. Unfazed, Bacon delivers an upper cut (known as a 'thick slice' in the USA) to Tilapia's gills... Tilapia if floundering.... Tilapia is laid out on the frying pan! 1-2-3.... Tilapia is TKO'ed on the front burner on the left.

Float like a BLT, sting like a bacon wrapped jalapeno.

Many experts agree that eating bacon is a better choice than tilapia. Not all #fish are created equal. A serving of tilapia fish contains more fatty acid than bacon. The higher level of fatty acid in tilapia fish might lead to cancer, heart disease, gas, bad breath and runny stools and other chronic health problems. (experts agree, when your runny stools run faster than you can run to the bathroom, it's time for a double cheeseburger)

***BTW Hoff, the correct spelling of iguana is NOT "I-G-U-E-S-S ", With the amount of time I am now spending at home, I am available to proof read your comments.... but hurry, I'm not sure which will last longer...COVID-19 or me....


Can understand those who don't know what tilapia is, but COD??
BTW, tilapia is a tasty, yummy food fish.