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Window to my Heart and Soul

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All alone, staring into space,
sitting on a ledge always the same;
life is stifling, going nowhere,
just as boring as my name.

I hate that nothing I do changes anything,
except wallowing deeper in my woes;
even facing forward, not backward
does little to keep me on my toes.

Now all I see through my endless tears
are hues grey and bleak;
silence abounds, though noise everywhere,
as humanity rarely to me speaks –

town scape,
no escape –
footfalls on the concrete sidewalk
mechanical precision
like robots on a mission
predetermined destination
stride with a distinctive purpose
oblivious of traffic
and wooden motion of passers-by
predictable routine
little deviation
one after the other
into buildings
into subways
into cabs
endless procession
same bland expressions
mentally preparing for the regimen of another mundane day;
similar attire –
society’s workforce uniform;
babble of toneless voices
one chorus overlapping another
drowning out individual words
becoming empty street noise
talking on cells
taking a puff
eating on the fly
lives lived in fast forward
cacophony of honking
shouted epithets
random hollow guffaws
throbbing bass from a passing radio
wafts through an open car window
totally absorbed in the moment
glimpsing only a fraction of the whole scene
and remembering none of it
new rhythm of life
though the beat of the societal drum is the same –

Suddenly invisible hands caress her upper arms,
as a gentle voice whispers in her ear;
‘Do not give up hope or future dreams,
but look past your endless tears.’

‘Open your heart, open your mind,
look far, look beyond the bleak abyss;
then welcome all you see with your soul,
as there is so much more to life than merely this.’

Magnificent wonders await inspiring eyes;
seek the calming influence of nature’s magic,
travel even a short distance into the green
to quiet your spirit and those woeful, empty cries –

majestic mountains
crystal clear emerald lakes and flowing streams
verdant valleys or acres of savannah grass
brilliant multicolored wildflower meadows
life offers so much more than empty echoes of footfalls
on hard concrete and the city morass

Or simply see the change within society
when the week’s duties are done
for now hearts casually roam free
to enjoy every ounce of simply having fun –

landscape heralds a new look
ducks break free
wings flap on the water
leaving the daily grind behind,
with a renewed vigor
and joyful laughter
brightly colored outfits and headbands
pass in a flash,
running feet on rich, green grass
sneakers roaming free
vitality blossoming in tag and hide’n’seek;
soccer balls, footballs, and Frisbees
whirl and twirl,
age matters not one iota;
languid pace
as loafers and sandals stroll casually along
enjoying each moment,
time has no consequence,
but life has suddenly taken on a new meaning.

Poem Copyright: Birgit Jensen (Birgit73)
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Thanks, Nancy. Appreciate your sentiments and support. Good luck with the 2nd shot.


WOW WOW WOW!!!! You have done it again *!* Great collaboration and timely sentiments****

My grandson and I have both had our 1st shots and have staggered the dates for our second shots...mine (on the 27th) 3 days after his in case he gets sick and I need to care for him. I wasn't concerned about the 2nd shot until the Dr. told me my thyroid antibodies are raised and put me on an AIP diet. Now I am a little concerned but going to get it anyway. Wish me well!


You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. 😁

So glad that I found this! It is something I really want to save. It is splendid! Going from Covid negative thoughts and sadness all around to complete positivity and thankfulness! Thanks for sending this to me.


@genevap - So the tag is your avatar here and then this puzzle will show when you open the notification. :0}


Yes, we are in hard times and no matter what course you choose to take, there is always the unknown. People have died from the flu after a vaccination...or even died from the vaccination, as in my grandmother's case. We really don't know how to combat this virus and there is a lot of fear mongering going on to bring people to their knees. Regardless, I hope that we can still remain rational, calm, and hopeful that life will regain normalcy, and pray that global society learns from this pandemic.

Thanks for your support in our latest collaboration. We both appreciate it very much.


Birgit, my hubby says the US is supposed to be sending vaccinations to Canada in the very near future since we have a good supply and plenty in our country don't want to use then. The spikes just seem to keep showing up in random places. Our county may have to go back to Stage 2 since we are having more cases and deaths than before since we went to Stage 3 openness. Don't know what will ever stop the spikes. What is worrisome is even if a person has had both shots, if there are underlying health issues and older age, a person can still pass just like that famous infectious disease doctor who recently went to India to help relatives there. These are strange times trying to balance some normalcy with this elusive and silent predator. It really is wearing to not really know exactly how and when this will end. So, as your invisible hands bring about positivity, I am choosing to be as safe and considerate as I can and find the small joys in little things--of which there are many to be grateful for. Best wishes. ;-))


Birgit, Alberta is the worst province and we are locked down as of midnight. But people can still golf!!!
This is a fantastic collaboration. Many thanks to Ken and you both.


correction...I got the 1 shot


John had his 2nd shot in March 10 and I got the 2 shot on April 3rd.My brother-in-law refused it and caught covid and has been hospitalized twice, in a covid nursing home, a diabetic and how has kidney failure and heart failure. Cantankerous making it harder on my sister w/ her health problems, plus other sister has hard time tending to them cause she keeps social distancing, tho she has gotten shots. Things opening a little but as you know we all have to protect ourselves from those who won't get it!


Here you have to book it & it’s hard to get a slot. I’ll wait & see what happens. Not in any rush as we can’t go anywhere right now with the provincial lockdown. No one allowed in or out unless absolutely necessary & then it’s a mandatory self-imposed isolation away from everyone for 2 weeks. We can’t even travel within the province outside our county.


@birgit - How is the vaccination doing in Canada. A lot of our country is beginning to reopen because of the percentage of shots being issued. I know you are skeptical, but it might help if you get it so maybe you can travel freely again. Hubby and I got our first shot a week or so ago. We weren't going to, but decided might as well.


Cynthia creates beautiful pictures.


Thanks all as we really enjoy doing these. If in anyway it has enlightened your day, then we have accomplished much.


bellissima sia la poesia che il puzzle grazie

Lovely puzzle and poem.


Thanks Neville, appreciate your support. 😁


Another fabulous collaboration, Ken and Birgit, beautifully describing how mundane our lives can often be. We all need those "invisible hands" to help us.




Thanks Betty and Kay for sharing your thoughts.

So much going on right now since our province will pretty much be in total lockdown as of Monday. At least they waited until some families could spend Mother's Day together. We are back in a bubble with no non-essential travel in or out of the province, no school until the end of May, and one designated shopper per family. Police have been issuing heavy fines for people even leaving their counties or communities because the virus has suddenly spiked in the Halifax area. Hope you are all in a better situation than here. This is not fun at all so I have to keep rereading the end verses of my poem for hope and inspiration.


Birgit, this is so lovely and truly captures both moods and worlds. I saw a quote today and I don't recall the author, but it mirrors your much more eloquent and resonating verse. "The quality of one's world is reflected by the quality of one's thoughts." Thank you for the tag. Happy Mother's Day. ;-))


I couldn't of said it better.

Thanks go to both you and Ken for never failing to work so beautifully together.


You're welcome, June. So glad you liked the collaboration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :0}

Wonderful! Thank you so much. The words go so beautifully with the image.


Thanks, sis. It's a theme I've worked on before but not quite to this degree, and the words came together to make sense in our current environment. Glad you liked it. :0}


Boy you really captured the current conditions that has people not knowing what's happening. Great job on this one!!!!!!!!!!! :-)) dj


@genevap @kayboblee @rebeaman @wentworth @Jumble @ulangariver @blurple53 @starlord


Hey everyone...lots going on so my thoughts were slower in coming but eventually my mind doesn't fail me...this poem is a blend of themes between a poem I wrote a few years ago and current ideas based on the image. You will notice that the style is a combination of rhyming and free verse to enhance the theme. Hope you enjoy our newest collaboration. Birgit


Here you all go. Another collaboration by Birgit and myself. Longer time coming but so enjoyable. Hope you think as well.

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