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Door handle and knocker

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@paintswithwords - Thanks for commenting. I really liked it because it was unusual. The more you look at the design, the more it grows on you, like the green patina on the door. Glad you liked it, too. :0} Birgit

It's certainly unusual, but I think it's lovely.


@dogs_n_me - Thanks for commenting. Yes, I think this door would indeed be something to behold from the glimpse in this image. Birgit


Awesome! I'd love to see the rest of this doubt equally stunning.


It was so cute about an inch and a half long and just hovered there staring at me.


Da da da dum...The Addams Family...hey Lurch, was it? I think it's rather unique...I believe that you lift the hand and use it as a knocker against the door knob... I've never seen a baby dragonfly...awww!


Ahhh!!!! This is kind of creepy!!!! At least the dragonfly isn't afraid of it. Speaking of which, I had a baby dragonfly checking me out today when I was on the patio. It didn't land on me, just flew in place looking at me. So cute!!!!