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After playing with the garden hose ❤️

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He loves water and gets all excited when I take the garden hose out! Love his wet face ❤️
Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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Ahhh.... that is so sweet Brokenheart! It's so much fun to play with water! Thank you for sharing! :))))


Love it! I tell Cappy, "Let's play in the water and he runs to the faucet and waits there for me to turn it on and run the water into his wading pool.


Hi again Ardy, Pat and Faye, it is fun for both of us and indeed nice after a walk and on a warm day. I only have to walk in the general direction of the garden hose and he gets very alert already. But also when I water the flowers with a can or to fill the bird bath he jumps around me all excited. But the hose is best. It really is fun. You are right Ardy, playing with water was always fun and actually still is! Doing better pat, not there yet but getting there. Love that wet coat and wet face Faye. Enjoy your day, see you again soon. Love and hugs :))))


The Hose?!? Yaaay! Typical guy! LOL And yes, a very sweet face! ♥️♥️♥️


Bet he enjoyed the hose, it felt nice and cool after his walk. You are so lucky to have him come and visit all the time. Hope you are doing better now. Love and hugs.


What fun. As kids we loved playing with the garden hose. Can understand Ollie having a great time as well as you. Thanks Yvonne. Hugs 💗💗💗




Lol! Yes, I agree! Best toy there is! Wish I could post some of the videos I took of him trying to catch the jet! :))))


:-)) Hooray for the garden hose and all the pleasure and fun it provides!

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22 April 2022 - 6 April 2015
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