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Garlic parmesan bunny wings (front legs), salad from my garden, cauliflower rice with red onion and foraged chanterelles

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Posted on Reddit by musicals4life, who received praise from a Commenter:

"Good for you for sourcing your own food op! Certainly looks like a meal your body would thrive off of!!"

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Same here, laska!!!!! Had a baby bunny when I was very young following me around the house - or maybe the other way around. Did you know they deliver Hershey's chocolates while you follow them??? : ((


I used to have pet rabbits when I was young in Winchester.I think every kid in England had a rabbit hutch.I did eat it once but was tricked into it and when I found out I was sick.Sorry but I won't eat anything I had as a pet; dog, bunny, horse.


Actually, I think that bunny is no longer 'live'!!! *lol* I tried rabbit meat one time (once!) and really did not care for it. I guess I could not get past the thought of this cute little fur ball hopping around. So I guess I'm with with the rest of you!!! :-)) dj


Please, tell me they're not actual rabbit meat.I'm with @girlinaglass92 on that one


OMG 😮 fuzzy wuzzy bunny

Bunny wings????? Real, live bunnies' "wings"????? Real bunnies??? Nooo.....
; ((


that looks so good, but we never called them 'rabbit wings'.

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