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New flowers again....

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This week Carnations were on offer at the supermarket (2 mixed bunches for the price of one☺).
This is only one part of the whole (the right part). In the left part there are different colours, like yellow and pink.(photo will follow when they're open too). There were only few open flowers when I bought them, but since Tuesday in the vase the buds are also opening up and some even have the Carnation scent!!!!
They look lovely on my coffee table!☺


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I can imagine, Rebecca, if you'd think hard enough of their scent, you can really smell them! :-)

Thanks, Ella, yes, they were 2 bunches for € 4,99. This supermarket often will have nice deals each week, one week it are roses, long or short stems, the next week chrysantemums, or lilies, sunflowers, asters, etc., mostly two bunches for the prize of one. They'll give 7 days guarantee on the flowers and when they'll die within those 7 days, you go back with the bunch (or just a couple of flowers of the bunch) then you may pick a new bunch (no refund)! They'll often have plants on offer as well. It's not all 100% super quality, but they're good enough for private use. When I'll give someone flowers for a present, I'll buy them at the florist, he's a bit more expensive, but at least I know he got them fresh from the morning auction!☺

Thank you, Pammi, I like them too. Each morning I'll check the water level and also notice there are yet some more buds opening up! ♥♥♥

Thank you, GG. I love the various colours, they're complimenting each other! I love having flowers in my living room and those bargains make it even more appealing to get new flowers! ☺♥


They are lovely, indeed, Impie! Such pretty colors! I'm glad you found yet another great bargain! ☺♥


Really pretty, Impie. I adore carnations and these are such lovely colours. ♥♥♥


That's a beautiful bouquet and I'm always amazed that you get such a good deal!


I believe I can smell them - one of the few flowers whose perfume I like.


So true, nillie, thank you. I'm glad you like them too!:-)))
Thanks and good night ♥♥


When flowers are concerned then any mixture of colors will be lovely... :-))

Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


LOL Anne....yeah, I know some will call me/us crazy, but only just the other day at someone's puzzle, I saw...."what others think or say about me, is none of my business".....I thought it was a good one.:-)))


I'm glad they spoke out. I'm also a person who chooses according to how something "speaks" to me. LOL I know some folks think that's odd, but really things touch something in our souls or thoughts that does say "You must have, see, or touch me"


Thank you, Anne, yes, they had also Asters and Sunflowers on offer, but the Carnations 'spoke' more to me this time! :)


And beautiful ones, too!


Thank you, Betty. I love them in any colour, but this mix is so cheerful in my room!:)

Thanks, Nancy...the scent is a bonus these days, one can hardly find a flower which scent reminds of the good old days when flowers weren't manipulated and as a result lost their particular scent ! :-))

Thanks, Nan, that must have been a traumatic association for your mother-in-law, because carnations (Anjers) will often be used for corsages at weddings overhere!


ditto what @calluna said! I love their spicy scent. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law associated carnations with funerals from her childhood so i had to be careful not to have any in the house when they were visiting.


Pretty colors AND carnation scent! Wonderful!! :-DD

They are beautiful! Love the variety in colors.