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Blue Ginger and a Bumble Bee

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There were 3 or 4 Bees zooming about really fast, so it was difficult to catch them clearly. Taken this morning.
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Thanks for commenting IF!!


Beautiful photo robryan and nice "capture" of the bee. They're hard to focus on because they move in and out of the focal plane quickly. I love the flowers, too.


Yes, it is unusual Ami - Teddy Bear tan-coloured with a brown band around the body! After Nev ID'd it for me I looked them up, and it was an exact match!! I never realised there was such a name - although I've seen them occasionally in the garden - so I've learned something too!! My Jigidi education continues :)))) Thanks!!


That doesn't look like any bee I've seen bee-fore Robyn, it's an unusual color isn't it!


Thanks Sandy, Laura, tex, snooker, Patti, Nicky, Suzy & Dave! The bees were certainly busy, big bees & I took a few bum shots - but only a couple that were OK! Thanks everyone for commenting!!


Excellent photo, Robyn n both counts!!


Terrific photo, Rob!


Wow - what a great shot!


Wonderful shot!

You did good, Rob. Beautiful flowers and a bee to boot.


Beautiful flower, my favorite color. Nice bee, too! Thanks, RR.


You captured a bee in flight, Robyn? You are amazing!


Wow, these are gorgeous and look at that bee! Nice shot robyn.


Thanks Barb - we see them quite often here and they never worry us either. They don't seem to be as aggressive as honey bees.

I think you're right Nev - it does look like Teddy Bear Bee!! LOL! All is forgiven :)))) Thanks!!!!

They are pretty Beekay - almost a purple colour, with a yellow centre!! They're not a true ginger, but that's their common name! Thanks!


Wonderful color to this very pretty flower. Thanks!!


So pretty, Rob :) Never saw a bumblebee in Arizona, but when I lived in Illinois (up north) I made peace with them. I was working in my garden and they were working my flowers, right next to each other. I was never stung. I think they recognized me and thought I'm harmless....LOL


Thanks Shirley - this lot have been in flower since early January, and there are still unopened buds on top!!!


Beautiful flower, Rob, the colour is so vibrant, and what a huge bee, Thank you.

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