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  1. lindaleigh3:39
  2. bhelen4:52
  3. llknott5:42
  4. pipesmoker5:46
  5. revlor6:06
  6. channellery6:24
  7. dvir7:54
  8. Mcordle7:56
  9. Asqu8:43


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My sister's cat put her 3 kittens in the dryer while it was warm, after taking out a load. We realized they were missing and couldn't understand why we couldn't interest her in finding them - she knew where they were (door was still open). Luckily, we found them.

My daughter lost a cat to a dryer, she didn't know the cat had jumped in and the worst happened.


I agree with jojosmom417 (below), I'm VERY glad you took him right back out!!!
He's such a handsome little guy and we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him!


better he climbed on the basket of freshly dried blankets/towels - eh sweet kitty?

He just climbed in after I emptied it and I took him right out.


OH, no, no, NO!!! Please do not let your cat (or any pets) play in the dryer. Tragedy can happen in a heartbeat!

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