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Banana flower....and fruit.

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Each time a row of the purple petals opens it reveals a new row of fruit until the full 'Hand' of bananas has developed.
When we were in Vietnam a couple of years ago we attended a cooking class - and one of the salads we made was very finely shredded banana flowers! It was the unopened purple end and we tossed it with lime juice, diced tomato & onion, chopped green herbs, palm sugar & topped with chopped peanuts! The taste was surprisingly nice!!
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Glad you enjoyed this one Ami :)) Thanks!!


Interesting info Robyn! Thanks!


Yes Jim - they all start out this way - Mother Nature sure is amazing I think :))) They are usually picked green & ripen on the way to market, as they would bruise too easily if left on the tree until yellow!! Thanks!!


Rob, is this the type of yellow banana a person would see in a store?


The classes were a lot of fun Suzy - we really enjoyed them - even Chris!!!

That would have been hard work Shirley - a full hand sure is heavy!! Thanks!!


They are fascinating how the banana's develop, my Dad grew bananas, I can remember helping him cut them down. Thanks Rob.


How super that you took such gourmet courses, Rob!


My pleasure Cathy - thanks!!


Great picture and info. Thanks Rob. I learn a lot here on jigidi.


Sure looks like it Janet - & I love my 'nanas:))))) Thanks!!

Yep - it's looking good snooker :)) Thanks!!

I'm pleased I could show you something new Dave :))) Thanks!!

I'd never heard of the flowers as a salad ingredient before either Patti - until our holiday in Vietnam!! We were really surprised at the taste too!! Thanks!!

We had three cooking classes Beekay - the one in Saigon was the best, and I learnt to carve a tomato rose there & made crispy-fried spring rolls!!! Then in Hoi An the class was in the home of a market gardener. The banana flower salad class was in Hanoi at a top restaurant - after we'd been shopping at a local market with the chef, & that was very interesting!!! Over there you can eat like a king for a mere pittance, and the food was amazing!! Thanks!!


This is really neat to see. Thanks Rob for the photo and info. A cooking class in Vietnam? What fun!


Wow, how interesting! When I lived in the south we had these in our yard, but never used the flowers. Thanks Robyn!


Its new to me to see this too, Robyn, Very Cool!!!

Looks like quite a few bunches at the top already. Neat!


That is going to be a nice bunch of bananas, Rob. Hugs, janet


Thanks Lia - I pleased you liked this one!!


Great picture and good to learn something too! thanks


Hi Ulladulla - and welcome to Jigidi!!! Thanks for commenting - and I agree it's a beautiful picture!!!

I came across this & thought some might not realise how they develop Barb - so I'm pleased I decided to post it!!! We have lots of bananas growing up in the north of the state, and they grow in New South Wales around a town called Coffs Harbour too! Thus endeth the lesson :)))))) Thanks :))


This is new to me too, Rob....I did not know how those rows of banana fruits are being made. But now I do. Thank you Rob for such great lessons :)))

Et fantastisk billede.

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