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Washington State is on Fire!

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Thank you to all of the fire fighters who put their selves in harm's way to protect the rest of us!!
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Yes, I was in BC when the smoke was coming North from Oregon. My flight to SK was held up in AB because of the heavy smoke from Oregon. I was praying for all the people fighting the fire and the ones who were in danger of losing their homes!


Yes, it's terrible, isn't it? So also are Oregon & British Columbia,Canada! We're in SW Oregon, & have fires all around us. The air in our valley is heavy with smoke, forcing folks with allergies & breathing problems (like me) to stay indoors as much as possible for the past several weeks so far. It is gloomy today, & the weather forecast says rain, but they keep saying that & we hardly get any. It's usually just high wind gusts, & lightening, which makes even more fires! Last summer wasn't bad at all, but this summer has been so hot, & so many fires. Thanks & Prayers to all fire fighters & helpers & their families, & to all whose homes & properties have been damaged or threatened by these terrible fires.


thoughts and prayers to all may god bless!!

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