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Super Typhoon Hagibis approaches Japan - World Cup Rugby Cancelled

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Japan is bracing for a super typhoon on track to hit its central and eastern regions over the three-day weekend with potential damage from torrential rains and strong winds.

Typhoon Hagibis has already caused cancellations of two Rugby World Cup matches that were to be played on Saturday.

Organisers cancelled the England-France match planned in Yokohama, near Tokyo, and New Zealand-Italy game in Toyota, in central Japan.

Organisers also called off a marathon in Sendai and other northern coastal towns. Formula One auto racing in Suzuka in central Japan may also be affected.

Super Typhoon Hagibis heads towards Japan
Hagibis, which means "speed" in Filipino, had maximum sustained winds of up to 270 kilometres (168 miles) and stronger gusts at noon on Thursday near Chichi island in the Pacific, about 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) off Tokyo's southern coast.

It was moving north at the speed of 20km an hour (12mph) and is expected to weaken over the cooler waters as it nears Japan's main island.

It is the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says the typhoon is forecast to hit ashore in the Tokyo area late on Saturday and urged people to take precautions.

Japan's central Pacific coast may see torrential rains beginning on Friday while high waves and tides may cause flooding.

Airlines and train services anticipate cancellations affecting holidaymakers travelling over the three-day weekend that includes Sports Day holiday on Monday.

East Japan Railway Company said it may suspend services on most local lines and bullet trains around Tokyo before the typhoon arrives.

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways said they may ground flights as early as Friday depending on the typhoon's movement.

Spreading fear
The approaching typhoon is spreading fear, especially in Chiba near Tokyo, which was hit by Typhoon Faxai last month and many residents are still recovering from damage to their homes.

The typhoon tore many electrical poles and snapped cables, triggering extensive outages that lasted for weeks, contributing to heat illnesses and other health problems.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, at a news conference, said the government would do the utmost for the people's safety, and urged residents near the typhoon route to take precautions.

In some places, preparations have already started.

Typhoon Jebi: Strongest storm to hit Japan in 25 years
Local offices in Chiba city started distributing free sandbags to shield against flooding. The city also cautioned against power outages from potential typhoon damage and urged the residents to make sure they have enough food, water and their phones are charged.

In Chofu in Tokyo's western suburbs, workers at the city hall renovation site reinforced scaffolding and placed protective nets to prevent equipment and construction materials from being blown off.

At a winery in Yamanashi, north of Tokyo, workers picked grapes on Thursday to save them from the typhoon, Japan's NHK television said.

Japan is regularly hit by Pacific storms, including Faxai in September. Typhoon Jebi flooded a terminal and a runway at Kansai airport last year.
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Dear Mazy, I'm afraid my Dutch postpigeon got lost while carrying my birthday wishes to you. So even though I'm a day too late, I've just added another day to your previous age by cheering this day: "Happy Birthday to you!!!" :-D Hope you'll have 2 wonderful days celebrating ;-)) & to put another the lime in the coconut! Dikke knuffels, :-)))


My dear friend (Mazy), what a change from my happy Amazing Mazy. My ❤️Goes out to you big time. `They’ have burst your bubble well and truly this time. Well, you befriended me in my early jigidi days and I steadfastly stand beside you. I hope you find the oomph to again show us that blue eyed blond with the lovely smile and flower trimmed straw hat VERY SOON.
I havent written this before as I have been away for 2 weeks, had to have a melanoma removed from my (L) upper arm. I went into respite care for those weeks as I couldn’t use my arm, they got it all and I am well. Hugs my friend, Fay.


Mazy, I certainly hope you come back. I've missed you! You've enlightened me and entertained me and I really like your eye for puzzle. And I like the questions you pose, too.


thank you Heidi - that means the world to me, the support of people I respect. Even you! ;)

Seriously if I am getting my sense of humour back, you are saying the things I needed to hear, so I really appreciate that.


Mazy.... count me as ''friend''. I see nothing wrong with expressing your opinions here. The only time it's wrong is when a personal attack is launched on someone. I have never seen you start one of those. Political correctness can go too far.


well, having not been derisive and dismissive, can't speak to that.

I guess when I say "They both can capsize a rubber duckie" someone can politicise that and say I'm being derisive and dismissive.

So, maybe nothing capsizes the duckies. Or everything does. Or - well, I am not allowed to say things like "They both can chase flies from pile of----".

John, if you know anything about me, you know I'm all about humour. Actually, if anyone knows anything about me, they know I'm all about humour, humanitarianism, and kindness.

Maybe you aren't one of the 'several' people who are reporting my puzzles for being partisan / divisive / political / biased.

Maybe you (he / she / it / whatever, it's hard to tell with the invisibility) are.

I honestly don't know friend from foe here anymore.

Sorry that isn't more entertaining and humorous. I've kind of had the fun crushed out of me.


In this world of opposites - black vs white, oatmeal vs Spam, politicians vs intelligence - can't we all just get along? Just because my hurricanes rotate counterclockwise and your typhoons rotate clockwise doesn't mean your tropical storm is better than mine. They both can rip clothes off of a clothesline. They both can capsize a rubber duckie. They both can chase flies from pile of sh**. So what's the big deal? I think The Standells said it best...

"Good guys bad guys which is which
The white collar worker or the digger in the ditch
Hey, and who's to say who's the better storm
Everyone but me is misinformed"

So there ya have it... my wisdom for the day. But my wisdom is no match for Mazy's wisdom when he/she/it tells me I'm allowed to "get my news somewhere other than Mazy's puzzles". Which I will... I like my news to be humorous and/or entertaining... not derisive and dismissive... I can get that anytime on cable TV


Title edited to fix error in the name 'Hagibis'


For now I won't be doing my own write-ups on my puzzles, since they are seen to be partisan / divisive / political / biased.

I have copied photo and text from Al Jazeera, which is recognised as being one of the more objective news sources in the world.

Feel free to get your news somewhere other than my puzzles.

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