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191220 Patterns

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  1. hclem36:17
  2. rebeccaofsunnybrook38:36
  3. pesciolina6242:58
  4. bluebirdnz45:05
  5. RustyMind48:16
  6. Puzzel01350:24
  7. Nurseturley50:48
  8. JeanneP51:21
  9. ehlova51:26
  10. Janiner151:33


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That was amazing news wasn't it! I wrote you a comment on another puzzle for it :-) Next year we are several here I know who celebrate a decadal birthday.


Guess what!! I "saw" Dean today and it sure made me happy!


It's putting a smile on my face to see old comments on puzzles. I miss him too.


Catching up on some of my backlog and it's so good to see a comment from Dean. I miss him.


You are welcome Mahalo.

Terrific puzzle and challenge - thanks.


Thanks Bob enjoy and relax yourself.

Enjoy the holiday.


Thank you Vicki it's always fun to see you here.

It's always fun to do your puzzles Advia. Thanks, Vicki


I'm so glad you had fun with this Jules, Dean and Garner. I wish you a peaceful Christmas and all the best plus many good puzzles to solve in the New Year.

A much fun puzzle. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Okay Advia, you really made me work on this puzzle. It was a very delightful puzzle to solve. I enjoyed all the time I took, so you didn't fool me, ha, ha. Just keep them coming and I will try and solve them. Again, it is now 12:37 pm. and I am going to bed. See you tomorrow, unless you sleep in. And don't forget, Christmas is just around the corner. Oh, I want to say Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Don't forget to thank the good Lord for allowing us this great day, in saying your prayers. Good night. The Tiger.

Entertaining challenge. Had a lot of fun solving your puzzle.

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