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November 9th #2

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these fabrics from stout fabrics, which include fabrics by different designers and manufacturers. some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. wildwater9:50
  2. Meganrene01213:10
  3. kathy5513:53
  4. botmom1414:49
  5. katai14:50
  6. ImHome16:08
  7. karjen16:30
  8. Sbonnor16:36
  9. sid1016:57
  10. Layergal17:11


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funny how things work out


thanks robin, my favourite fabric even though my absolute favourite colour is orange, is the green one on the left immediately below the orange one that you like.


I am not much for "furry" anything except my animals....LOL....but I loved the puzzle......especially that big orange......perfect toto.......thanks for the fun




haha riversmiles, at least it LOOKS soft


Hi Ruth, I tried the face rubbing - just felt like plastic! Nevertheless, thank you for the beautiful puzzle.


thanks so much jude :)


Thanks for patterns that made a really good solve, Ruth. You chose well, and I appreciate the care you put into your puzzles.


thanks toddy and fruttel, yes i do think that furry fabric is amazing. makes you want to rub your face on the square. lol


I so love those tiles with (a kind of) 3D structures in them, like the big grey one in this puzzle. When you piece them together they seem to grasp one another .... brilliant. Thanks a gazillion Ruth, and be safe.

Very nice!

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